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Kids’ Wall Art Ideas

Kids’ Wall Art Ideas

In order for your child’s room to look harmonious, you want the children’s wall art to complement the decor. How to find the right parts.

Themed decor

If your child’s bedroom has a specific theme, e.g. B. Princesses, space, or the sea, it is a good idea to look for wall art for kids that includes objects, animals, or people related to that theme.

That can range from obvious to discreet, depending on the other decorative objects in the children’s room. Choose a simple art that depicts a single object or person in rooms that are already rich in detail.

When you have a simple background to work with, Choose a larger scene with multiple POIs.


With children’s wall art too Pick up an accent color in her bedroom is a great way to incorporate different types of artwork.

Focus either on one color in the picture itself or on a colorful frame. Choose a secondary or tertiary color This also applies to your child’s bedroom, e.g. B. for bed linen, furniture or curtains.

General style

Modern or traditional bedrooms look better with different types of kids wall art.


  • Go for abstract images with bright colors.
  • Canvas art works well in modern bedrooms, regardless of the theme.
  • Large mono letters in metallic tones add a modern touch.
  • Large full door or wall stickers with realistic or imaginary scenes can also enhance the look of a modern kid’s room.


  • Growth curves are a traditional favorite and often have a number of traditional motifs.
  • Blue or pink are traditional for kindergartens. You might want to decorate your baby’s room with pink or blue wall art. This can be less overwhelming than a floor to ceiling paint.
  • Children’s framed wall art also works well for traditional style children’s rooms. Wooden, white or gold-plated frames are reminiscent of traditional rooms of bygone days, regardless of their theme.

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