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Bathroom Accessories

One of the most common bathroom accessories is a tray. These can either be smaller bars of soap or wider bowls for multiple items. If you are using a bar of soap, a Soap dish is a must in a bathroom. Ideally, the soap dish should have slightly raised edges ...

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Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

The French are known for many things, but perhaps the fleur de lis is the only thing that has remained in France’s identity for so many years. Fleur de Lis accents originally come from the French countryside. Although these simple and artistic pieces of metal started out with religious connotations, ...

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Vanity Chair With Wheels

When most people think of vanity units, they assume that it is a stationary seat that you have to manually move if you have to walk from one side of the room to the other. You don’t have to worry about that anymore thanks to vanity units with wheels. In ...

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Coat Racks And Umbrella Stands

Jessica Zernike | April 01, 2020 If you’re like most of us, you probably won’t think much about buying a coat rack or an umbrella stand. That can turn out to be one of those little mistakes that have consequences that annoy you for years. So take a seat, sit ...

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Storage Bins And Boxes

Amazon.com - [10-Pack, Assorted Colors] Durable Storage Bins .

Boxes can come in many different materials to choose from. Again, you should consider What you want to save, how you want to use the box, and who will use it. In which object types are best saved: Plastic boxes are great for items that you want to keep and ...

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Slipcover Ideas

Hometalk - Stylish Slipcovers | Sew a Fine Seam | Slipcovers .

As a predominantly decorative element, seat covers offer a wide range of styling options. From strong colors to pastel colors, eye-catching prints and embroidery, slip covers are supplied with various decorations. To determine which style is right for you, you need to answer a simple question: What is the purpose ...

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Decorative Wall Medallions

Decorative wall medallions have been used in many different ways. They can be commemorations, a university landmark, or even part of a worthy representation before a court – a sign of local traditions. Commemorative or ornamental items Wall medallions can be painted on a wall or placed as a plaster ...

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Decorative Kitchen Canisters Sets

Kitchen canisters have a long tradition and should help to keep food fresh and protected from vermin. This is reminiscent of the nursery rhyme about the miller boy who “lived alone and about all the bread and cheese he had on Regal.” You don’t have to “go to London to ...

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Decorative Indoor Stair Treads

Decorative interior stair treads offer steps and stairs a beautiful transformation. It comes in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Check out our buying guide and top 10 list of the best indoor stair steps so you can keep your home, family members, pets and guests safe. If you didn’t already ...

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Mid Century Modern Wall Decor

Mid-Century Modern is an odd type of decor. This is the era where we got thin, box-shaped sofas, narrow rectangular desks, and olive-green refrigerators and stoves – alternated with mustard-yellow appliances. It’s an odd series of years starting with almost ultra-conservative behavior and ending with the wild abandonment of the ...

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