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Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Decorative Bathroom Exhaust Fans

Decorative exhaust fans for bathrooms, especially those with lighting, are an important part of bathroom equipment. They are needed to drain excess moisture that can cause mold, mildew, and other adverse conditions in the small space.

The purpose for exhaust fans

Many building codes require bathrooms to have an exhaust fan that can change air at least five times a day, especially if the bathroom in question does not have a window. An exhaust fan can not only remove excess moisture from a bathroom, but it can also remove unpleasant odors and fumes from cleaning products. This way the bathroom has a good chance of smelling pleasant for the next user.

Vented to the outside

To be effective, the exhaust fan must be attached to an exhaust vent outside the building. This is part of what builders mean when they say a house can breathe. The external ventilation is part of the building regulations in many areas.

Installation of the fan in the primary light

Lighting is essential for most activities, and finding everything in a bathroom is no exception. Incorporating the fan in the light ensures that the fan will turn on when the bathroom is in use and will remove odors from normal use and even odors from cleaning products from the bathroom.

More than smells and moisture

Exhaust fans can do more than just blow away moisture and bad smells. If mold is already building up in a bathroom, a good fan can help draw the spores through the exhaust vent and away from people. It also gives atomizers the ability to give off a pleasant scent without overpowering it.

Combine beauty with practicality

Beauty is always important, even for the simplest and most ordinary functions. A bathroom may be a place where the most basic personal needs are met, but that is no reason why it cannot contain elements of good interior design. Matching lights, attractive globes for useful light bulbs and elegant decorative details create a pleasant environment that has given this indispensable space the alternative name “toilet”. Where better to rest than in a room with pleasant decorative elements and a pleasant, breathable atmosphere? Fortunately, modern interior designs offer a variety of fan and light combinations to choose from. Let’s browse a few of these and find out which one will suit you best.

Bathroom fan with light

Swirl away moisture and stale air with this charming bathroom fan with light cast in chrome and swirled with marble glass. Hunter Home Comfort’s Hunter Halcyon 90 CFM helps disperse steam that can cause mold and mildew in your bathroom and promotes healthy air circulation. The device uses two 60 watt lamps for the light. Lamps are not included.

Garden District bathroom fan with light

A whisper-quiet bathroom exhaust fan is hidden behind a brushed nickel fitting that is decorated with three hanging lights. The silk road designer’s cup-shaped lamps provide soft lighting while the fan disperses steaming moisture from your bathroom. The Garden District 70 CFM Exhaust Fan and Lamp is another Hunter Home offering that combines beauty and comfort.

Victorian bathroom fan with light

Hunter Home has this beautiful Victorian bathroom fan with light. The Victorian 90 DFM swirls away damp steam that can lead to adverse conditions in your home. The fan absorbs the moisture and swirls it outwards. An exhaust vent is required to function properly. A removable end cap makes it easy to clean and replace the bulb if necessary.

Belle Meade bathroom fan with light

If you like an opulent bathroom, you will love this combination of bathroom fan and light. The case is a deep brown octagon, set with a golden rope. The globe is hand painted with a snowflake design. The air is sucked out through a gap in the base of the light. If you don’t know it’s there, you will never recognize the exhaust fan.

Bathroom fan with light and night light

Enjoy beautiful light and night light with scrollwork that envelops a soft color shade. The fan dissipates moisture while the lamp provides general lighting. When less lighting is desired – for example, when you only need a little light to get to the facilities, you can use the night light function.

Bathroom fan with white globe

Enjoy a comfortable bathroom environment while the fan at the base of the white globe lamp dissipates steam, which can cause mold to build up in your bathroom. You would never know that an exhaust fan is hiding at the base of this light. Note: Requires an exhaust pipe and cannot be built into a wall.

Space age bathroom fan with light

The polymer grill is not affected by the humid conditions in bathrooms. The whisper-quiet fan swirls moisture for up to 96 square feet in bathrooms and can be used to vent up to 125 square feet in other rooms. It’s a simple dome light, and an inconspicuous barbecue job will never be a topic of conversation, but it gets the job done.

Bathroom fan and heat combination

It may sound a little contradicting – and fans and heat, but the fan wipes away unwanted moisture while the heater creates a comfortable atmosphere. If you are tired of shaking in a cold bathroom, this might be the combination for you.

White and brown bathroom fan and lamp

This white and brown bathroom fan and the lamp by Broan are an attractive combination for bathrooms. The fan blows off unwanted steam or odors, while the lamp provides adequate lighting. The brown decoration and the white globe form a beautifully reserved contrast as ceiling decoration. The entire effect is pleasant without being intrusive.

Chrome and alabaster. White bathroom fan and lamp

Chrome is widely used in bathrooms, and this white fan and chrome and alabaster white lamp go well with the rest of a chrome-themed bathroom decor. The air is sucked out through a vent on the base of the lamp and swirled away through an external vent. The bowl-shaped sphere made of frosted alabaster hides two 60-watt light bulbs.

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