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Different types of finishing for hardwood floors

Different types of finishing for hardwood floors

Finishing for hardwood floors is getting popular because they make your hardwood floors water-resistant, durable and also helps in reducing the total amount of maintenance and cleaning that your floor requires. They are generally termed as polyurethane and urethane and they create a protective coating on your hardwood floors. Satin, matte, semi-gloss and high-gloss are the different types of textures.

Finishing hardwood floors can be done with many different types of finishes. Some of the most common ones are mentioned below.

Moisture-treated Urethane

It is polyurethane of the solvent-base type which is highly durable and water-resistant when compared with all the other types of finishes. It comes in ambering and non-yellowing types and is commonly found in gloss and satin. This type of finish is very complicated to apply and have a very strong smell. Thus, it is highly recommend that you should always hire a professional for applying them.

Oil-treated Urethane

This is most common type of finishing for hardwood floors as it is extremely easy to apply. It is made from petroleum and also contains plasticizers, synthetic resins, and many other ingredients that promote the firm formation process. The final result is highly durable and moisture-resistant finish. It requires about 8-10 hours for drying and is available in many different levels of sheen.

Water-treated Urethane

This is a type of urethane which is created from water and includes plasticizers, synthetic resins and many other types of film forming ingredients. They are non-yellowing, clear and are available in different levels of sheen. Their odor is not very strong and they generally dry in about 4-5 hours. They are generally expensive.

Penetrating Sealants

These are solvent-based sealants that are applied on the floor and then allowed to penetrate. The remaining sealant is then removed with the help of rags or a buffing process which makes use of steel wool or synthetic pads. They are available in different colors and are also used for sealing and staining hardwood floors.

Paste Wax

Another common finish used for finishing hardwood floor is paste wax. This is the oldest type of finish and many experts believe that it is the best. They are extremely easy to apply, highly affordable and dries very quickly. Moreover, if you care for your floor properly they can easily last for decades. They are applied in multiple layers on the wood floor after the sealant or stain is applied. Then it is buffed for the required level of sheen.

If you have hardwood floor that is losing its shine, try one of the above mentioned finishes and your floors will look like new and will have enhanced durability in no time.

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