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Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

Fleur De Lis Wall Decor

The French are known for many things, but perhaps the fleur de lis is the only thing that has remained in France’s identity for so many years. Fleur de Lis accents originally come from the French countryside. Although these simple and artistic pieces of metal started out with religious connotations, they have become important decorating options for homes around the world. The wall decor from Fleur de Lis gives your walls character and class. The decor has retained its distinct lily flower shape, but there are many twists in the design to explore these days.

Purchase of Fleur De Lis wall decorations

When looking for the perfect fleur de lis wall decor, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, size is very important. Fleur de Lis wall decor designs come in different sizes. Widely used designs large enough to cover a large portion of the wall are common. They are much more visible and their aura is easily appreciated. But small designs aren’t bad either, especially when you just want to accentuate an otherwise dull wall with some classy decorations. Either way, you need to make sure that the Fleur de Lis wall decor is proportional to the wall. Don’t go for something too big as it may look cluttered. Make sure you also consider the type of finish. The Fleur de Lis wall decoration can range from gold, bronze, gray and many other colors. Some designs are also polished to give you a more vibrant look. Before buying a design, think for a moment how its finish rhymes with the colors on your wall. The hanging mechanism is also an important consideration. You want a fleur de lis wall decor that only takes a few minutes to hang. Additionally, the hanging mechanism should be strong enough to ensure that the fleur de lis stays in place after installation. Large designs, in particular, can be a significant hazard if not hung well. Finally, always make sure you have analyzed as many designs as possible. Most people make the mistake of buying everything they can find as soon as they find it. If you really want class and style then you need to look a little longer by trying as many designs as possible before choosing the right option. Below is a list of ten high quality Fleur de Lis wall decors that you can use to redesign any home.

Hickory Manor Fleur De Lis wall decoration

This wall decor from Hickory Manor Fleur De Lis features a polished black with a unique decorative design. The decor looks classic and the overall design is inspired by stunning antiques. The authenticity, class, and general appeal of this piece will all blow your mind. It’s perfect for your dining or living room walls.

Rustic fleur de lis wall decor

This simple fleur de lis is made from 100% iron. The assembly mechanism is also simple and innovative. It can be hung and removed very easily. The textured bronze finish and unique rustic style are also important features to consider. The decor is pretty big too, so make sure it’s mounted on a fairly large wall.

Delight Crosses Fleur De Lis wall decoration

The Delight Crosses Fleur De Lis wall decor is a handcrafted design. The hand-painted resin finish with a simple sawtooth bracket offers a perfect blend of design and ease of use. The decor also has a minimalist design and although it is not that big, it can accentuate any wall with maximum impact.

Who is this?! Fleur de Lis wall decoration

This playful design is perfect for any room. In the center of the decor is a unique medallion with a round metal case. The gorgeous finish makes it perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. If simplicity is what you are looking for, this design will not let you down.

Intrada Italy Fleur De Lis Wall Decoration

This decor is specially made for the living room. The flair and sheen of the design are inspired by the famous potteries of Florence in northern Italy. The fleur de lis was handcrafted by Italian master craftsmen and offers a combination of unique patterns put together in different colors. The decor is also medium in size, making it ideal for any type of wall.

Fleur de Lis cross wall decoration by Toscano

The Fleur de Lis Cross wall decor by Toscano is a timeless and elegant piece. It is the perfect symbol of the French royal family with its solid iron design and finish made of artificial bronze. This exclusive heirloom, shaped like a cross, also represents the Trinity. It measures about a foot and a half, and its artistic grandeur will easily dazzle anyone.

This intricate and unique starburst decoration is the perfect accent for your wall. The design is nautical inspired with a touch of European decor. The design consists of about eight spokes that protrude beautifully from the center. The layout is also perfectly balanced. Whether you’re looking for stylish opulence or European vintage inspiration, this decor will really make it happen.

That cool accent is pretty big first of all. The impact on the walls is easy to see. The design features simple heart-shaped scrolls with a few other French-inspired designs. The decor is simple too and can be used on light, bare walls to give all rooms an exotic finish and standout character.

This traditional accent gives your decoration a contemporary flair and elegance. It is perfectly sized with an intricate scrollwork adorned with a glossy central medallion. The aesthetics are so strong that you only need one piece for the entire space. The decor can also be used for the living room and dining room.

Three posts sign wall decoration

These three posts from Sign Wall Décor are all about filling your home with great positive vibes. The metal wall art shows three key words: “Live”, “Laugh” and “Love”. It’s the perfect inspiration to keep you going no matter your problems. Even so, it will definitely renew your walls.

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