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Decorative Indoor Stair Treads

Decorative Indoor Stair Treads

Decorative interior stair treads offer steps and stairs a beautiful transformation. It comes in different colors, patterns, and sizes. Check out our buying guide and top 10 list of the best indoor stair steps so you can keep your home, family members, pets and guests safe. If you didn’t already know, interior decorative stair treads are little rags that are attached to individual steps. Its most important function is to protect the staircase material from constant traffic when family, friends and pets are walking up and down. However, they also prevent you from falling on bare wood or concrete steps and slipping, which can lead to disaster and injury.

How to buy decorative interior stairs

As mentioned above, indoor stair treads come in a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns. So how do you choose the best kit that will protect your home and family? Read on to find out.


When choosing a material that stairs are made of, choose the material that will suit your home’s decor. Remember that your stair steps are fully visible as you go up and down the stairs. You want stairs that don’t conflict with the wallpaper or color of your walls and the material of your stairs.


The staircase is an area in your home that is subject to heavy traffic. So check the durability of the treads that you buy. The durability of fibers is measured from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most durable. Most homes only need a shelf life of 2.5. 3 or 4 are sufficient for commercial space.

Safe backup

Make sure that your stair steps are securely adhered to your steps. A secure mat is needed to prevent the carpets from sliding off your stairs and causing harm to your home. If there is nothing on the back of the carpets, simply secure the materials with double-sided tapes arranged in wide strips.

Outward appearance

You want to add decorative indoor stair treads to your home, so a set needs to look good when you install it. Measure each step to make sure your treads don’t look off-center. Then find the center point. Mark it with a grease pencil. Get your new home now and fold it without pressing on the material. Align the middle portion of the stair step with the marked center point of your steps. Use these tips to find the best stair steps for your home. Check out our best tips below!

Waterhog Stair Treads bungalow floor

The first set on our list of the best indoor decorative stair treads comes in a variety of colors, all of which are beautiful. These non-slip, durable and quick-drying stairs are also ideal for outdoor use as the polypropylene fiber surface resists rotting and mold growth. As if all of these functions weren’t enough, this set of 4 levels is also easy to clean with just a hose or vacuum cleaner.

Casa Pura rubber stairs

A set of 5 that is safe, protective, environmentally friendly, versatile and easy to maintain. It’s top notch as it increases grip and traction when using your stairs. The rubber material also offers a raised groove surface so that the water can easily drain away. Since the material is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it resists damage from elementary factors such as snow, rain and sunlight.

Casa Pura stairs

If you are looking for a stair step kit with the strongest non-slip adhesive backing, this is the best option for you. It guarantees a long-lasting grip that prevents any movement that could cause injury and / or surface damage. Each non-skipping step mat is made of 100% polypropylene, a material that is both noise-absorbing and durable.

Jessica stairs

If you check the product reviews, you will find that the general consensus about this anti-slip, fashionable stair step mat is that it is incredibly stunning, soft, and durable. With its brilliantly braided material, it offers stairs an instant facelift. Of course, it also offers the right traction to minimize the risk of accidents.

Aqua Shield Gray Argyle Stair Tread

A set of 4 chic anti-static polypropylene steps is a great choice if you are looking for mats that will add charm and a firmer footing on your steps. Its elegant look and minimalist design allow it to match any home decor. Due to its durable and long-lasting synthetic fiber materials, water and mud simply flow through without damaging the product.

Azteca Indoor Outdoor Stair Treads Rubber Step Mat Set

This is great for adding a security feature to your home and making the curb less attractive. The stair profile guarantees a 100% non-slip and non-slip surface and offers you an indoor / outdoor mat that effectively resists mold, fading and stains. The best aspect of this product is its geometric design, which mimics ancient Mesoamerican art.

Luxury brown stair steps

Made up of a comfy and soft shaggy pile, it’s a great alternative to stair runners. It reduces the noise made when using stairs and is incredibly easy to glue / install with its non-slip backing. The adhesive backing that the product comes with provides enough grip so that no gluing, stapling or nailing is required.

Cressa Navy indoor / outdoor stairs

This is our best budget pick as the set includes 13 family-friendly stair treads made from nylon and polypropylene, materials that are durable and weatherproof. Although the braided mats don’t come with a non-slip pad, you can easily secure them to your steps with double-sided tape to keep them from moving. What made us add this set to our list is the fact that every profile is reversible. Yes, you heard that right!

Brannan Dark Beige Stair Tread

Does your hardwood staircase need protection and an aesthetic improvement? A set of Brannan Dark Beige Stair Tread from Alcott Hill is exactly what you need. The woven synthetic fiber materials and non-slip rubber backing of the mats are all that make the best mats for indoor stairs. However, these are not all the offerings of this set as it also gives a clean, rectangular silhouette to beautify your home.

Clementine stair step

The low 0.2-inch staple of synthetic fibers in each mat from this set of 13 treads provides protection against foot fatigue. This premium set protects children, pets and the elderly from falls and slips. It is highly recommended for high traffic areas and with its non-slip pad it is compatible with any type of surface.

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