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Decorative Wall Medallions

Decorative Wall Medallions

Decorative wall medallions have been used in many different ways. They can be commemorations, a university landmark, or even part of a worthy representation before a court – a sign of local traditions.

Commemorative or ornamental items

Wall medallions can be painted on a wall or placed as a plaster relief to commemorate an event or to prove nationality. A simple decorative or decorative medallion can be made of metal or plaster of paris and hung on a wall so that it can be moved to another location if desired.

Funny medallions

Medallions don’t always have to be formal or official. They can be pretty or funny, elegant or just an expression of your personal taste. They can show scenes from books or movies, or even keep the memory of a favorite pet.

Part of a larger pattern or arrangement

Plaster medallions are often the central part of a larger set of decorations, such as B. a plaster frieze, or can be coordinated with other decorations in your rooms. You can even tie a variety of styles together in different rooms. However, plaster decorations can be damaged by moisture. To preserve them, they should be protected from moisture.

Historical and heraldic designs

Some medallions reflect the heraldic patterns that were placed on shields and similar items in the Middle Ages. Heraldry included a variety of designs. The placement of birds, animals, and other items on a sign tells viewers who is behind the visor. Cultures besides feudal Europe also created decorative medallions that could be hung or carried on walls.

Metal medallions

Metal lockets are likely to be more durable than plaster of paris lockets and are less likely to be damaged by wind or weather. For these reasons, they are better suited for outdoor display than plaster of paris medallions. Bronze or copper are popular metals for medallions or similar decorations outdoors, since wind and weather only give a decorative patina with age. Below are ten sample medallions for your pleasure.

3-piece sunburst medallion set

These sunburst medallions are copper colored with a high gloss finish on the centerpiece. There are many tendrils that come from the central sphere and express the light given off by the sun. As a set, the medallions are free from each other, so they can be placed in any order or in different locations to enhance each other’s decor.

Magnesium medallion plaque

This plaque has a strong cautionary charm of magnesium stone. It works well with a light background behind it or hangs on a partition. The grain makes the details difficult to see and draws people’s attention to them and the decor around them. This can enhance the appearance of plants in front of or behind an aquarium.

Wooden medallion wall decoration

This locket has a gold finish over a warm wooden body. The wide open body lets a lot of light and color through and is ideal for a window decor or a mirror decor. The light tone gives a warm feel and works well in a warm environment. The wall behind it will stand out and enhance the decor of the wall mount.

Shabby Medallion Decor

This locket has an aged sea foam color with rust stains to give it an aged look. The pattern has a floral design with the sun in the middle. The colors work and fit into any light wall or stand proudly behind it with a mirror or glass. A splash of bright flowers in front of it will stand out strongly.

European medallion

With a floral design that resembles the fleur-de-lis around the edges and a solid flower in the center, this medallion is a lovely centerpiece. The light blue and bronze are very troubled and add a sense of age and beauty to this piece that goes well with a light wall behind it. It’s a great piece that will bring your decor together.

Blue and brown medallion decor

This medallion is very large at 36 x 36 inches, making it a beautiful centerpiece for your decor. With its blue and brown color, it proudly stands out against a brightly colored wall. The stone feel will stand out on a wooden wall with its bright colors and intricate patterns on each of the medallions emerging from the main medallion.

Handcrafted medallion decor

This piece of wood goes well with any room that is designed out of wood. The wood is hand-carved and very artful with many natural pieces from flowers to leaves. This piece is designed to mirror the famous rose window in the famous Notre Dame Cathedral. It looks religious and noble and gives your window a wonderful look.

Classic medallion decor

This piece has an aged gold finish with a floral design in the heart of the medallion. The flower extends into several leafless ivy tendrils that cross and curl outward. The desperate look gives this piece a nice aging feel that works well on light walls or light wood. This piece shows off and enhances your other decor.

Medallion decor

With a badly damaged gray painting and a light metal base, this medallion works well on a light wall. It has an intricately carved design that draws people’s attention through the crevices. The locket has a South American design and goes well with your classic art decor.

This locket looks aged thanks to a base made of bronze and blue. This works well with a light colored wall behind it to enhance the colors. The bronze trim is on the outside of the piece with the light blue center highlighted. The design goes well with mid-modern styles and classic designs.

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