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Slipcover Ideas

Slipcover Ideas

As a predominantly decorative element, seat covers offer a wide range of styling options. From strong colors to pastel colors, eye-catching prints and embroidery, slip covers are supplied with various decorations.

To determine which style is right for you, you need to answer a simple question: What is the purpose of your protective case? Different styles may work better for you, depending on why you’re switching your slip covers.

When there are children and / or pets at home, it is not unknown to your couches and couches getting spilled and dirty. In this case, you should opt for simple designs that hug looselyhow these are easier to take off and clean repeatedly.

As for the materials, Avoid things like silk or woolas they have to be dry cleaned. You’re better off using synthetic or semi-synthetic materials as they can wash out stains more easily.

On the other hand, if decor is your only motivation, you can go for more elaborate designs with no problem. Thin, form-fitting protective covers are perfect for this purpose as they are Go over your sofa like a second skinThis gives it a brand new look without making the cover itself too obvious. This seamless style is The perfect aesthetic for a modern themed decor, especially if you choose solid colors.

If you want more traditional mood, choose protective covers with Ruffles and patterned fabrics instead. This also gives you more color options so you can spice up your living room without a complete redesign.

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