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How to style your interiors with dark wood floors?

How to style your interiors with dark wood floors?

Styling appropriately plays a key role while you are planning to have dark wood floors in your home or in office space. You need to consider a lot of parameters to avoid a heavy look. Pairing plays a vital role or it may affect other objects that you have in your interiors. Dark wood floors sophisticated as well as chic. These add a polished appeal as well as richness to the interiors. Pairing with wrong colors and furnishings can make the space appearing heavy and dark. To bring out the best when you are using dark wood floors, you can consider using the ideas mentioned in this article.

Light wood furniture and white walls

To maintain a look that is harmonious, you need to choose furniture that is lighter by a few shades in comparison to the dark wood flooring. You can consider pairing black wood floors with weathered, warm, rich or pale floors with light toned woods such as maple or cherry. Fluffy white rugs, crisp white walls and lighter wood furniture are contrasting to the dark wood flooring.

Pair the legs of the furniture to the dark wood floor

As far as dark floors are concerned, you don’t need to really have a contrast. Your place can look elegant by matching the color of the floors with matching wood furniture. If you want to match the furniture and the floors, then you can go for a lighter shade on the walls. You don’t really have to opt for white. However, you can consider opting for shades that are lighter than the color of the furniture and the floors.

White and mixed woods

Try to create an organic look with the combinations that you opt for. Using a dark wood table on dark wood floors can prove out to be disastrous. A light wood chair would stand out in a dark wood floor setting. Make sure to incorporate a plenty of greenery and crisp white walls for the raw look.

Kilim rug and rich wall color

If you love color, then opt for a hue in a pigmented shade. This can be echoed in a rug or a Kilim. The rich color and patterned textiles would make the room appear welcoming and cosy.

Light walls and dark rug

Any room can be imparted a rich look with the use of a rug that is patterned on dark wood flooring. The dark hues can be made livelier by painting the ceilings and walls crisp white. You can as well opt for lavender or a whisper light blue if you don’t mind a little bit of color.

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