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TV Tray

TV Tray

Foldable / collapsible

They are great for small houses and small families, and Versatile enough for indoor and outdoor use. Be it your child’s homework or a quick cake cutting opportunity, it will efficiently multitask for your many needs. Choose them if Saving space, portability, and easy storage are your top considerations. They are usually available with their legs crossed. Therefore, check the stability of the model you have purchased.

Additional tip: Buy two or four foldable TV trays and turn them into a cozy dining table or use them for a game of cards.

Low altitude

Users find it a valuable accent piece that allows seating on the floor as well as on the sofa, with the tray in your lap. Bring one home with you if you like the floor as a work or relaxation plane – for example, a floor mattress to sleep in and a beanbag to relax in.

Sofa couch tray

That is a tailor-made design innovation for arm sofas. The tray is not a conventional standing type, but a flat plate made of wood or plastic slats. They are flexibly connected to each other so that the armrest fits snugly when opened. The design usually has a center plate with a recessed level to hold a beverage glass or coffee mug securely.

You will instantly love this guy if you are one Out of box person and how innovative solutions for furniture design. Elegance and simplicity are hallmarks of a sofa couch tray, so they are best suited to decent, solid-colored, upholstered sofas and soft-shaded walls.

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