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Black Angel Tree Topper

Black Angel Tree Topper

Black Angel Tree Toppers are the best ways to decorate Christmas trees and add a touch of style and culture to them. Not only are they stunning tree tops, but they’re also excellent centerpieces for table setting. To celebrate this holiday season with culture and pride, choose your new topper from the list below.

African American decorative lights

This seductive and exotic angel tree cover from Roman is adorned in a beautiful white dress with silver accents and overtones. Made of high quality fabric and designer resin, it measures 8 x 10 x 14.5 inches. If you’re looking for the perfect way to add cultural diversity to your vacation decor, then this 14.5-inch Roman African American Light Up Topper, made exactly to your image and likeness, is definitely worth serious consideration.

By the way, it is not only an item that is suitable for the holidays, but can also sit fabulously on your bookshelf or table as an angel figure.

10-light African American angel Christmas figure

Since gold is the full range right now, this 13 inch 10 light African American angel tree topper can be attached to the top of your tree! The eye-catching golden dress and golden feathered wings look stunning against the twinkling lights of your tree and of course against the built-in 10 mini lightbulbs that stay on constantly.

This beautiful angel stands 13 inches tall and holds two candles, one on each hand to indicate that she is there to brighten all faces on Christmas Eve. As it is a Kurt Adler product, it is the perfect piece to add a handmade touch to your Christmas party.

Treetop: Tiffany in silver

Next up is a beautiful angel tree that perfectly reflects African American culture. It is an angel adorned in a bright gold, silver and red dress. She holds the beautiful details of her dress in both hands, which also wrap around her waist.

We love the Tiffany in silver not only because it is the right size for most Christmas trees, but also because it is hand painted to create the most realistic reflection of African American women. She is the perfect example to show your kids that black women can be heavenly angels too.

Christmas treetopper serenity in the silver figure finale

A more exquisite version of the previous product you just saw is the Serenity in Silver Figurine. It’s the treetops that anyone can bet on – classic, simple and a symbol of cultural diversity. In addition, she wears a headgear that completes her diva outfit.

But she is nowhere near Diva as she has her eyes closed and her hands folded so it looks like she is in prayer. This angel tree overlay / centerpiece is made of designer resin and it is large and 17 inches high. If you are looking for a topper that is a show stopper then look no further.

She added a plastic cone under the dress for tree mounting. Since it weighs 12.6 ounces, make sure you secure the topper in place.

Tiffany (gold): African American Christmas tree lid

As you can see, the Tiffany gold is the same angel as Tiffany in silver. This time, however, she has a more noticeable dress. Just like the Tiffany in silver, the angel has a retro feel to it, but it has more color, which is great for people looking for a flashy tree addition that looks luxurious too.

It looks even better up close as it features hand-painted details. With its overall dimensions of 14.4 x 9.3 x 5.2 inches, it can work with trees 9 to 12 feet tall. The Tiffany Gold Angel Tree Topper is not a lighted tree ornament, but does not require lightbulbs, as their presence alone can win eyes and hearts.

Serenity (Gold): African American Christmas tree topper

Would you like a lighter version of Serenity in silver? “You have it,” says United Treasures. It has exactly the same dimensions and the same African American angel figure as Serenity in Silver, with her eyes closed and hands folded near her chest, but with a more vibrant and ethnic dress.

If you’ve been thinking about getting an angel tree topper but also want a star then get this one as the serenity in gold gives you both! It might not have the silhouette of a star, but it’s undeniable how it feels and glows like a star when it sits on your tree! It even has sparkling details so you no longer have to laboriously light a tree and look for an electrical outlet to plug it in!

Serenity (Red): African American Christmas Tree Topper

Perhaps you are looking for a black angel tree lid to add a rustic style or old world vibe to your rustic Christmas tree. If so, this is the product for you. As you already know, it’s the iconic serenity, but in a red dress that flows over the leg area to hide the cone base, which is handy for mounting the piece on your tree.

This stunning African American angel tree topper is so sophisticated and delicate that you won’t hesitate to use it again for several more Christmases. If you put this on your tree for Christmas, you will get a lot of positive comments from guests.

White and Gold Angel Christmas Tree Topper

We’re now at the last product on our list, the 14-inch tree canopy black from Roman in a white dress with gold accents. She is a wonder to see with her exquisitely crafted dress and sophisticated aura. At 14 inches, it is the best size for sitting on Christmas trees.

She has carefully embroidered wings and features that are finely painted. With this topper as the centerpiece of your tree, you can give your home the regal treatment it deserves!

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