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Few info on zebra rug

Few info on zebra rug

Some people have a taste for the exotic when decorating their homes that extends to unique floor coverings and accessories, at least unique by American standards. Zebra rugs are a popular item that fit into the category of the exotic. There are, however, considerations that immediately come to mind when one considers shopping for zebra rugs, such as, are they legal to possess? Is it even ethical? Zebras are animals native to Africa and is the harvesting of such animals even allowed? It’s quite possible that a person would like to decorate with a zebra rug, even several zebra rugs but have moral misgivings about using an animal hide in that way. No worries, as with most items, the market provides alternatives for everyone.  There are real zebra skin rugs available for consumers, but let’s take a look at alternatives as well.

Is it durable?

Synthetic rugs with a zebra print are available at many outlets and can come in any number of shapes and sizes. Area rugs, runners, wall hangings all can come in a zebra print synthetic rug. These imitation rugs can be purchased at big box discount retailers, carpet outlets and anything in between.

There are also zebra print rugs available on the hides of other animals, like cowhide for example. These can also be purchased in the US and wouldn’t be subject to the same laws as an authentic zebra hide would be.

Types of Zebra rug

Chances are, if you’re at the point of trying to decide which type of zebra rug to purchase, you’ve already decided upon how and where you’re going to use it. Most people choose locations that are quite visible. If you have a fireplace, on the floor in front of that fireplace seems to be a popular spot. Just be sure and take proper precautions where sparks and flame are concerned. There should be a tag on any synthetic rug indicating the flammability of that rug and that would be an important consideration.

Bedrooms are also a popular place for these beautiful rugs. While the visibility may not be the same as that of in a family room or foyer, ones sleeping quarters is still an entirely appropriate spot to decorate in an exotic manner with a covering like a zebra rug.

Whatever your decorating preference and whatever type of material you choose for your rug, a zebra rug adds flair to your home every time.

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