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Duncan Phyfe Round Table

Duncan Phyfe Round Table

Check out the replica of Duncan Phyfe furniture pieces, all of which are finely finished below! Duncan Phyfe’s round tables steal in private homes. They are extremely rare and therefore in demand with homeowners. Fortunately, you don’t have to wait to inherit a Duncan Phyfe piece of furniture as other manufacturers have reproduced the American furniture maker’s style and craftsmanship. To make sure you find the right piece of furniture, here are some things to consider:


Your seating requirements will affect the type and size of furniture that will best fit your space. Do you know what your seating needs are? They are mostly determined by your current phase of life. When you are younger, you will need at least seating in your home. For many singletons, a small round table is enough to eat alone and accommodate friends for an odd night. For couples and families who often chat, the right dining table needs space for at least 4 people. For additional leeway, consider a one-handed table.


Tables inspired by Duncan Phyfe are often made from mahogany with brass accents, meaning you have a unit that is durable and guaranteed to last. All you would need to do is wipe the furniture. However, there are also those made from wood veneer. These are more delicate and require you to follow the dealer’s recommendations for care and maintenance. If you think you can invest a lot of time and energy maintaining the quality of your Duncan Phyfe-inspired table, get a wooden table. Otherwise, we recommend that you purchase the mahogany or hardwood piece. Now you can choose new pieces of furniture for your home! We have listed our top tips below. Check these out because they are high quality tables that you can buy for less money!

Model # 2208 Duncan Phyfe mahogany dining table

The first on our list is a Duncan Phyfe-inspired dining table from Henkel Harris. With the solid brass feet and sleek silhouette of this table, you can skip a more formal meal for a welcoming approach. What makes this table difficult to do without is its solid construction combined with the ability to offer convenient dining in a small space.

NSI151 Large Duncan Phyfe Console

Robust and well made, it is the best console table for your room, regardless of whether your style is fresh towards shabby chic, country house or farmhouse. You will find that the smooth surface of the durable mahogany wood from which the unit is made adds character to any setting.

Mahogany Duncan Phyfe dining table, antique reproduction table

With seating for 8 to 12 people, this can be your formal dining table for years to come. It’s the perfect piece of furniture to add cabin-cool warmth to your dining area. The two-tone finish and heirloom quality of this masterpiece serve the double character and charm.

NOC043 Duncan Phyfe Console from NIAGARA FURNITURE

At 31 x 17 x 29 inches in size, it’s a console table suitable for kings. Surprisingly, it doesn’t cost a king’s ransom! The classic base and the scalloped table top provide modern opulence. The decadent finish of the table also lets the mahogany material shine. It is certainly a piece that is worth your hard earned money.

Model # 2207 Inlaid dining table in mahogany Duncan Phyfe style

Another brand new Duncan Phyfe-inspired dining table from Henkel Harris seats up to 6 people. What we love about the unit is the fact that it is masterful enough to be used as a royal table. Of course, it comes with solid brass feet and is made of solid mahogany. The artfully designed legs and elegant applications make the table look great and luxurious.

Build your own Duncan Phyfe dining table plan

If you want a Duncan Phyfe-inspired dining table but would rather make the piece of furniture yourself, nothing will hold you back as this dining table plan from AFD includes everything needed to perfect the DIY process. The step-by-step guide ensures that your weekend project turns out to be a piece worth sitting in your home.

Cainhoe Nailhead Trunk

This one might not be inspired by Duncan Phyfe, but it is a work of art worth pairing with the elegance of Duncan Phyfe furniture. It comes with a rich espresso finish and gold-plated hardware that will add shimmer and style to your space. Since it also has ample storage space in the interior, it is the perfect storage place for spare pillows, board games and / or blankets.

Woodward dining table

It’s a contemporary take on Duncan Phyfe’s round tables and, regardless of their style, forms the perfect foundation for your dining area. The beveled edges of the round top and the elegantly carved legs make you want to integrate this piece into your home. It is also waterproof in daily use up to the last few years.

Hedley dining table

From daily meals with your family to hosting a dinner party for your friends, this beautifully carved table is a necessity for your dining. It is made from engineered wood and has a rectangular cherry-finished top. It is supported by shapely legs that imitate the typical style of Duncan Phyfe tables.

Pavilion dining table

Elegance and sophistication know no bounds, especially with this Pavilion Dining Table by John-Richard. It is made from sturdy European walnut and is decorated with gold edges. It shows how a dining table can be graceful and stable at the same time. This fashionable round table also has an affordable price that is suitable for a modest budget.

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