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Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom Accessories

One of the most common bathroom accessories is a tray. These can either be smaller bars of soap or wider bowls for multiple items.

If you are using a bar of soap, a Soap dish is a must in a bathroom. Ideally, the soap dish should have slightly raised edges to hold the soap bar in place. It should also have raised bars or some other type of draining method to allow the moisture to drain off the bar of soap.

ONE Multifunctional compartment can be a great addition to a bathroom if you have a tendency to wear jewelry that you have to take off while washing dishes. For example, the tray is where you always place the ring so that you never lose it. Plus, the edges keep your items in place.

However, multipurpose bowls can also be stylish places for organizing toiletries such as small soap bottles or folded rags.

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