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Wall Decals Ideas

Wall Decals Ideas

Wall decals are an incredibly easy and quick way to make a room unique and exciting. They offer high quality designs that look like they were painted by a world class artist for a very generous price.

Below are some key points to consider when purchasing a wall sticker for your home.

How do I choose the size and placement of my wall sticker?

This is one of the most important steps in choosing a wall decal: knowing exactly what size to buy will help you decide on the level of detail of the decal and the material you should choose.

  • Most importantly, make sure the sticker sticks properly to the wall you choose. Take a test by sticking masking tape on your potential placement area and leaving it overnight; If the tape is still stuck, your sticker will almost certainly stay in place too.

  • Wall tattoos are most likely Hang on to a clean wall with a relatively flat and level surfacepreferably without textured wallpaper underneath.

  • If your suggested placement area is a Veritcal area then you should consider buying a tall and thin design;; If it is a horizontal space, consider buying a short and wide design.

  • If you plan to put your wall decal in the center of a wall with relatively equal sides, go for this design as big as it is wide use the available space.

  • Use tape to mark an approximate area that the sticker will take up to make sure it fits properly and isn’t too intrusive. We suggest going at least 11 inches of space between the edge of the design and the edge of the wall on each side.

What material should my wall sticker be made of?

Wall decals are most commonly made of PVC plastic, also known as vinyl. However, there are non-plastic alternatives for those who are careful about the chemicals that PVC may contain.

PVC plastic:

  • Most types of wall decals are made of this material when the image or design is printed on the plastic sheet, which means that it will can be incredibly detailed.
  • However, these wall decals are are quite sensitive and can easily tear, stretch, and stick back to themselves so they are not recommended for larger designs.
  • You are too usually not reusableOnce it’s stuck, it has to stay there or be wasted.


  • This is a non-plastic alternative finely woven fabric threads.
  • These types of wall decals are much more durable than them Don’t stretch or tear, And you are usually reusable due to a different adhesive on the back.
  • They’re not as seriously involved as PVS plastic wall decals like them can be repositioned several times before their glue runs out and makes them unusable.
  • Fabric wall tattoos are particularly recommended for decorative purposes a nursery You are safer and not wasted when a child decides to move.

What are the different wall decals and colors?

In addition to choosing the right size, this is a crucial step in purchasing your new wall decal. You need to choose a design that matches the decor in your home and that you are sure to enjoy every day.


  • This is one of the most commonly used wall decals add a lot of color into a room without being sticky.
  • Many choose to put floral decals in their living rooms look pretty classy because of their realistic properties.
  • Make sure the colors of the flowers or leaves stand out from the background Wall color, e.g. pink peonies on a white or cream-colored wall, white cherry blossoms on a dark purple or gray wall.


  • Geometric patterns are a very popular choice for full wall decals that are used by many as a substitute for wallpaper.
  • If the room decor is relatively bland or monochrome, choose a bright and more detailed pattern. popular colors are blue / turquoise, purple and red.
  • If the room decor is more diverse in color and texture, a simpler and more monochrome pattern will go together much better. go for colors like gray, brown or cream.


  • This type of design is perfect for those who want to to show their origins.
  • Both traditional and more abstract or artistic representations of tribal symbols are available, although more specific images are easier to order than custom wall decals.
  • When choosing a relatively simple symbol or silhouette, stick to a neutral color scheme that contrasts the background wall color; Black or dark brown for lighter wall colors, white or cream for darker wall colors.
  • More abstract versions of tribal images look much better when brightly colored and add a unique style to the room.
  • Tribal designs are most often placed Living room or entrance roomsto act as a welcoming feature in the home.


  • Comedic wall decals can be either funny pictures of for example animals or humorous sentences / jokes.
  • These are most commonly used in Bathrooms and kitchensthat enable a range of word games related to food or toilets.
  • They can also be found in kids ‘and teenagers’ rooms, especially if they or their parents have one sarcastic sense of humor.


  • This is a fairly broad term as it can encompass essentially anything a child might be interested in.
  • However, among the most common types of wall decals for children are Cartoon characters and animated / drawn versions of animals and people.
  • These act too brighten a children’s room and make it more visually appealing to them so that they are usually brightly colored and large in size.
  • Cloth wall tattoos are usually recommended For children’s rooms as they can change their mind very often and removing fabric wall decals will not damage them.

Inspirational phrases:

  • This can be either generic sentences or Passages from religious texts.
  • Text-based wall decals are usually found in bedrooms or home offices sentimental value and motivation.
  • The text The font should be easy to readand no outrageous color; Choose black for text on white walls and white for text on darker walls.

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