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Vanity Top Ideas

Vanity Top Ideas

When deciding on a vanity top, you need to make sure you know what type of sink you want. While it seems relatively unimportant, the type you choose can have an impact on what countertop material you need to choose and exactly how much space you have on the countertop.

Do you prefer a traditional look? => Drop-in sink

  • Drop-in sinks are designed for this fit in a space cut out of the vanity top and are usually exactly in the middle of the surface.

  • They have slightly raised edges (measure about 1 inch to 2 inches) that rest along the top.

  • This type of sink is there usually pretty cheap, because the installation is quite simple and can be prefabricated in the shop.

  • Drop-in sink Work great with virtually any material and style from vanity above, though she are more suitable for older, more traditional houses.

  • Unfortunately, these sinks tend to be something harder to clean than most of the other types, especially when they’re on the cheaper end of the scale. The edges of the sink don’t always match the vanity exactly, which can lead to this Dirt gets stuck between the sink and the surface.

Do you want something streamlined? => Undermount sink

  • As the name suggests, are undercounter sinks Installed under the vanity topto create a way continuous flow from the surface to the sink.

  • Their seamless surface makes for a much sleeker look Perfect for people who want to break away from traditional bathroom decor.

  • The lack of raised edges makes these sinks incredible easy to clean and maintain – There are no places where dirt and grime can get stuck!

  • However, If installed incorrectly, these sinks can leak or even separate from the actual worktop – When buying an undercounter sink, make sure that whoever is installing it screws the sink to the countertop for added security.

  • Remember that the substructure will sink Do not work with all vanities – Only surfaces made of solid wood or stone can safely handle this type of sink.

  • Undermount sinks are also available usually more expensive than built-in sinksalthough their prices have decreased in recent years due to increased availability.

Do you need a balance between traditional and modern style? => Hull

  • The design of the ship’s sink is great Combination of tradition and modernity – the The unique design of the bowl makes a great statement that practically screams “contemporary”, but is still very reminiscent of the much more traditional washbasins in older houses.

  • Ship is sinking Sit fully on the vanity topwithout being mounted or built into the surface.

  • They are very versatile, and indeed they are Very easy to swap out when remodeling the bathroom or changing your mind about the style – You don’t have to worry about taking the entire vanity apart just to remove the sink.

  • Ship sinks are also a A great option for people who usually keep typical sinks for a little too low. Since the ship’s sinks are on top of the counter, they can add a few important inches of height!

  • Unfortunately, due to their exposure, these sinks are exposed very prone to flaking and other damageSo you have to invest in fairly sturdy materials.

  • Plus, ship sinks are usually the most expensive type of sink on the marketHence, having to constantly replace or repair it may not be worth your money.

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