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Audio Racks And Stands

Audio Racks And Stands

We have now looked at most of the core elements of a good audio rack. So let’s look at some additional features that can improve your comfort or aesthetics.

Recording and DVD racks

For the most part, CDs and records have disappeared from modern society. That makes them all the more valuable to those of us who have large collections of them. Despite the fact that we probably haven’t used them in a while, CDs and records add a special aesthetic to any audio or A / V room.

Be able to symmetrically arrange your collection using your racks


Every audio or A / V room has a number of floating miscellaneous items that, if not properly stored, can make your space look disorganized and chaotic. Buying an audio rack with drawers is an important step in the right direction if you want to keep your room safe and preserve the aesthetics of your room.

Cable management connectors

Cable management was addressed in our earlier section on kids for safety reasons, but deserves its own brief discussion in terms of aesthetics. If there are several components, several cables must necessarily run back and forth.

For example, audio receivers have a cable or two running between them and each speaker they are connected to. This does not apply to power cables, connections to DVD players and cables to other audio devices.

As you can probably tell, there are likely to be a variety of cables that will accompany your audio or A / V setup. So it is important that you can manage them. It’s easy for cables to get incredibly unruly and detract from the aesthetics of your space, not to mention the possibility of them generating feedback as they cross.

Cable management ports in an audio rack are essential if you want to minimize stress and keep your space organized. Cable management also makes a significant contribution to avoiding tripping hazards and falls due to unmanageable cables. We therefore strongly recommend them if the elderly share your home.

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