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Cynthia Rowley Decorative Pillows

Cynthia Rowley Decorative Pillows

Cynthia Rowley’s decorative pillows can add style or breathe life to your living space. Check out our buying guide and top tips below! Decorative pillows are the easiest and most creative way for you to completely change the look of your room. With little time and money, you can put together a different theme or color scheme and / or update your room for the current season. With thousands of prints, fabrics, and colors, you can find it difficult to make a choice and even think about it yourself. To find out what works best in your space, here are some important guidelines to keep in mind:


The following fabrics are most commonly used to make Cynthia Rowley’s decorative pillows: Cotton – It’s durable, casual, and easy to wash. The material is therefore an excellent choice for homes with pets and young children. Velvet – This type of fabric adds warmth to any room. It is often used to add a cozy atmosphere to a home during the winter season. Faux Fur or Fur – Faux fur accents, especially sheepskin or Mongolian wool, are often incorporated into Cynthia Rowley’s decorative pillows because they can last for years and maintain their soft and luxurious look. They go well with armchairs and sofas. Linen – Like cotton, decorative pillows made of linen are easy to care for. The fiber is often blended with durable fabrics like polyester and cotton. You can use linen to create an airy and light atmosphere for the summer season. Wool – From the needle point to the cable pattern, wool gives every room an alpine atmosphere. It is best for mountain retreats and colder months.

Printing and Color

When choosing between prints and colors for your Cynthia Rowley line of decorative pillows, here are guidelines to help you make the right decision: You can mix prints but you need a plan. The best way for you to achieve a cohesive look in your home is to choose a color palette and stick to it. While the hues of the pillows don’t have to be the same or match, they do need to relate to the overall color scheme of the room. In a sea of ​​colors and prints, the occasional pillow in neutral or solid colors gives your eyes a place to rest.

Our top picks

Children’s wise owl decorative throw pillow

This 10-inch decorative cotton pillow from Cynthia Rowley is great for a nursery. Because it is made of high quality materials, it is durable enough to withstand everyday use by children. Besides, it can easily complement all kinds of room decorations for children.

Decorative winged fair throw pillow

If you’re trying to add a light-hearted sense to your nursery, this Winged Fairy decorative pillow by Cynthia Rowley is just what you and your child need. It’s hard not to feel happy looking at this dainty pillow. It’s even perfect for an adult’s afternoon reading corner!

Set of two dachshunds made of 100% cotton in standard pillow cases for sweaters

This set of pillow cases with multiple Dachshunds wearing sweaters is youthful and fun. It’s incredibly easy to incorporate into a bedroom or children’s playroom. You can make your silliness and personality shine by using these adorable pillow cases. Decoration tip: let your kids collage your dog’s pictures and hang them on a wall!

Paris Eiffel Tower 4 Pieces Twin Size Comforter & Decorative Pillow Set

This Cynthia Rowley comforter set consists of a comforter, a standard sham and two decorative pillows made of 100% cotton with polyester filling. Since it’s machine washable, it’s super easy to care for. With its Parisian Eiffel Tower design, it conveys a modern and creative flair, perfect for a growing youth room.

Cats Kitty Cats King Size Sheet Set

This 100% cotton king-size sheet creates a quirky environment in a bedroom. Because it’s made of cotton, it’s best when you’re cuddling with a loved one or just relaxing after a long day at work. This leaf set was made by Cynthia Rowley so you can be rest assured that it will meet all of your standards for quality and design.

Tropical Batiq Set of 2 standard quilted cushions Shams Batik

This set of quilted pillowcases by Cynthia Rowley will add a touch of sunshine to any room it’s in. Its vibrant colors, floral details and tropical design give a bedroom a casual and homely feel.

Artsy DOGS pillow cases

This set of artistic dog pillowcases is made of 100% cotton and is generously cut. It looks very good in a hipster or a relaxed household. The material is meant for a longer lazy time, but what we love most about this set is the quirky print that strikes just the right balance between playful and chic.

Set of 2 standard pillowcases for black and white sketched cats

The sketched cats in these pillow cases make your pillows tempting to cuddle that you don’t have to lie in bed every time you see them. The set is made of silky soft cotton, which is why it is a dream to cuddle with. The prints of the pillow cases add a trendy element and make the set ideal for any modern bedroom.

This queen sheet set with an additional set of pillow cases by Cynthia Rowley can break the monotony of your modern bedroom with its hand-embroidered details. This set is everything you need to transform the atmosphere of your bedroom into a relaxing one!

Gold Good Vibes Pillowcases only

Play your glamorous game with these Cynthia Rowley pillowcases from Good Vibes Only. They go best with shiny velvets and flaky faux fur as they are already gilded with luxurious metallic. These pillowcases are machine washable and therefore easy to care for. The look of these products can make your bed or even your entire bedroom really special.

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