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Japanese Style Soaking Tub

Japanese Style Soaking Tub

A Japanese style bathtub is the new must-have when it comes to bathroom fittings. These small, deep tubs offer you an alternative way of bathing and yet have been used in Japan for generations. You will find that these tubs also come with a bench so you can sit comfortably there instead of lying in the bathtub as we are used to.

Often handmade, a Japanese-style bathtub has something modern about it. It gives you the opportunity to relax as much as possible. Get in, sit down and enjoy the feeling of being largely in the water as long as you can keep the water nice and warm.

This is not about lying down and floating rubber ducks around. It’s about bathing in the tub and effectively letting all of your stress and worries into the water. Add some soft music and you will have a very pleasant experience.

Available in a variety of depths, consider at least 20 inches, although the rest of the tub can vary in size. Easy to install and less expensive than expected. If you want something different in your bathroom that gives you a true spa experience, a Japanese style bathtub is the answer to your prayers. Check out the different styles and options to see which ones appeal to you.

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