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Floor And Wall Tiles

Floor And Wall Tiles

This may come as a surprise to some, but there is actually a wide variety of floor and wall tile materials to choose from. This means everyone has to find something that perfectly matches the aesthetics of their home.

A big factor to consider when looking for durability because in some cases it is the only difference in the tile material. Below are some of the most popular floor and wall tile materials that you can find.

Do you want something low maintenance? => Ceramics

Ceramic tiles can range from vintage Victorian to the very modern and are clearly one timeless option.

you are unbelievable easy to clean as they do not require any special cleaning products and are relatively resistant to a whole range of chemicals.

Although they are quite durable, they are do not last long as floors, especially in high-traffic areas, and replacing them is not that cheap.

However, they are great as bathroom wall tiles Splash protection from soap and shampoo will not damage them.

Ceramic tiles are also usually smaller than other types from tiles to what they are easier to use in DIY projects, however more tedious for covering larger areas.

Do you need something that will last for years? => Porcelain

Porcelain tiles come in two versions: glazed and unglazedwith the main difference a shiny appearance when glazedand the tile Color sits on top off the tile instead of oozing through the whole thing.

With a 0.5% water absorptionPorcelain tiles are almost completely waterproof, which is what makes them Ideal for the bathroom and kitchen.

You are too very dense and hard because the tiles are made of finer clay than ceramic tiles and are fired at higher temperatures.

Therefore, porcelain tiles are a great, durable choice for floors and walls.

Like a raw feeling? => Cement

Though less popular these days, cement tiles were at the turn of the trend 20th century.

Cement tiles are perfect for those who are looking a handmade, raw feeling.

You can sometimes have some imperfections because of their production process, but we think that just adds character!

They are, however more prone to cracks and scratches than porcelain or ceramic tiles, which means they can’t be worth it if you want something that will last you for years.

Like luxury? => Natural stone

Natural stone tiles can contain materials such as Marble, quartz, slate or travertine.

All of these are pretty tough and durableThis means that they can be used for both floors and walls.

They also bring a certain wealth into the space that other tiles seem to be missing due to their uniqueness Color veins that can sometimes be found to cut through them.

Natural stone tiles are the most expensive option However, keep this in mind if you are on a tight budget.

Do you want to save money? => Terracotta

this is that cheapest and probably the most modest tile material.

Terracotta tiles are perfect for creating one rural or rustic atmosphere in the house.

These tiles have a look naturally warm and colorful for them to brighten the room!

You are a calm one popular option in Mediterranean style home because their color reflects the warm climate of this area.

Terracotta is fine, of course porous and prone to damage and stainsAs a result, these tiles are not the best option when you need something to last.

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