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Kitchen Canisters & Jars

Kitchen Canisters & Jars

A well-stocked and well-organized pantry with plenty of matching kitchen canisters and glasses is one of the most aesthetic sights at home!

While it may seem like a trivial purchase, these containers can keep your groceries safe for years and (why not?) Turn them into bold, decorative items: don’t buy them randomly! Here are a few things to consider when choosing kitchen canisters and jars.

2. How many kitchen canisters and glasses should I buy?

Be realistic! Do a small inventory and write down a list of the foods you have or plan to buy regularly:

  • If you don’t already have one, start with a Coffee, tea and sugar Set of canisters;

  • Do you love cake Grab a Baking set That’s big enough to hold the contents of a regular 2-pound flour sack: they usually come with canisters for superfine and brown sugar too.

  • Once you’ve sorted these out, start looking for separate glasses for the remaining items on your list. Easy!

3. What size of kitchen canisters and glasses do I need?

Consider how often you will use these items and how much storage space you have available:

  • Stay on the big side for foods that you eat regularlyor you will find yourself refilling them every other day;

  • Search smaller sets with complementary shapes for items you don’t use that often;

  • Glasses with wider tips are convenient for food that needs to be scooped out;

  • You could also look for glasses that have that Average size pack capacity of a given food productso that you can then transfer it to your canister.

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