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Vintage Baseball Decor

Vintage Baseball Decor

Vintage baseball decor is an excellent choice for your den, “man’s cave,” family room, or even the living room of a sports-minded household. It is also an ideal choice for the clubhouse, sports bar or restaurant where sports fans gather. From distressed pictures of baseballs to a frieze of baseball players, baseball memorabilia are an attractive way to decorate your home or place of business.

Baseball, baseball, and more baseball

Pictures of worn baseballs show your interest in the game without starting controversy about teams. They can be displayed as a painting on canvas, as the borders of a wall, or even the face of a clock. In times of need, paintings can look as if they were once hung on the wall of a team shelter and invite you to talk and tell stories about past games.

Celebrate the team

Framed posters, photos, and even silhouettes of players in various positions can celebrate the teams and players who participated in this very American game. Baseball was derived from a variety of games with balls and bats and grew up from neighborhood teams that met on vacant lots. In many neighborhoods, baseball was the Saturday afternoon entertainment. Football is better on TV, but nothing beats baseball for a lazy afternoon of soft drinks, popcorn, hot dogs, and roasted peanuts.

Focus on the players

Some baseball players are so well known that you don’t have to be a fan to recognize their names. Signed baseballs, framed posters, or quotes from any of these players will improve the viewer’s morale. Even if your baseball player is a three-foot guy who is on the neighborhood t-ball list, he or she will appreciate a poster that features one of the baseball greats. It can also be an opportunity to introduce reading and exploration from favorite players and prepare your child for lifelong learning. Vintage baseball decor can mean a lot to different people. Below are some ideas for baseball decor.

The corrugated iron baseball wall decor is great for any party room or meeting place. Know with confidence that this can stand up to the game with its aged look that almost makes it look like it came from a bar. The metal foil works well with any wood tone and active decor setting with the energy it gives off.

Personalized baseball with painted wall decor

This bright painting has a lot of texture and can bring life to any room. The big baseball gives this piece a playful feel and the heavily textured background can make your textured white walls more interesting. Having an aged look also brings a sense of serenity to your office or home.

“Vintage Baseball Slide” painting print on wrapped canvas

The famous baseball slide is located on this aged canvas. The background is solid beige so this piece will work well with any light background. It’s big enough to be a decorative centerpiece in any modern room, and it can blend different tones and styles in one room. In an office, this creates a calming atmosphere with a touch of anticipation.

Topps Baseball 1962 Bubble Gum Wrapper 20 “table lamp

Perfect for the baseball lover in your home, this lamp has a cover with the classic Topps Baseball Gum logo. With its green background in the outer field, the dough and the logo in classic form, this is well suited for any bright room and exudes a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

“Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig” Print Poster by Darryl Vlasak Framed memorabilia

Anyone who knows baseball knows at least two names of players. Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, both famous batters and record holders. This framed poster shows the famous couple on the diamond in uniforms that read “Bustin Babes and Larrupin Lou’s”. Bring legends together at your next meeting with this poster.

Personalized baseball wall clock

This heavily used wall clock will stand out in any baseball-themed collection. This clock painted on plywood is suitable for any light wood tone or cabinet. However, the metal frame allows you to expand this piece into modern rooms with light hues and brings a well-aged hint to the area.

Baseball Vintage Patent Blueprint Giclee Artwork on Canvas

With the design of a baseball, this canvas is unique. It’s on old parchment with the exact patented drawings of the baseball balls used today. This piece works well on light walls or light wood tones and can draw someone’s eyes to that side of the room. This will allow your other baseball decor to stand out from that attention grabber.

Batter Up! Vintage Baseball Slugger Cast Iron Sculpture Bookend

These slackers lean on a book to make sure your books don’t fall off. The classic uniforms are great for any souvenir at home or in the area. The wood colored base works well for many shelving as the sluggers do the reputation of their duty by protecting your books. The desperate look makes these pieces feel like antiques.

Durand Vintage Baseball Cards Sports Retro Cracked 15’L 7 ”W Wallpaper Border

Perfect for your sports-themed room, this border covers the wallpaper edges well while adding a sporty feel to your room. It works well on the top of the wall or as a bottom border. The greens and cards blend well with the ceiling or the ground. The cards come from players in various positions on the baseball team.

Vintage brass baseball bottle opener

This brass baseball bottle opener is a great addition to your baseball parties. When the game is on, you can use the ball to open your bottles for you and your friends or family. With its reflective baseball design, this piece can sit anywhere from a side table to a bar counter. The finish works well with dark wood tones.

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