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Bars And Bar Sets

Bars And Bar Sets

If you have an expensive collection of liquor or want to preserve the taste of your liquor, the way you store it will have a huge impact on how long your liquor will last.

Alcohol generally needs protection from four things, which is why storage has its own section in this article. Let’s take a look at each of these things and what to look for in a bar to keep your collection safe.

1. UV light

it’s common knowledge that fermentation is the process that makes alcohol what it is. Put simply, fermentation is a reaction where the sugars found in grapes (or other plants) break down into alcohol and some other by-products.

When the bottle is bottled, this reaction occurs do not stop. It’s easy slows down dramatically because the bottle acts as a vacuum chamber and prevents it from being exposed to anything that can change the rate of the reaction. UV light is one thing that can temporarily speed up the fermentation process in wine and alter a bottle’s taste profile.

Your ideal bar has storage areas that protect bottles from UV light. Storage that doesn’t cover the entire bottle – for example, wine bars where bottles are stored accommodate their necks, do not allow optimal protection from UV light.

2. Heating

Heat has the same effect on bottled wine as UV light. Ideally, your wine bar has a storage system that regulates the temperature to a value of a stable temperature. Hardwood Storage that covers the entire bottle (keeping out heat and light) is a solid investment if you want to store wine over the long term.

The best wine storage would be a Cold room or mini fridge This allows your wine to be cooled to around 12 degrees Celsius.

3. Changes in humidity

Humidity doesn’t necessarily have a direct effect on your fluids, especially if it’s adequately stored. Fluctuations in humidity can affect the cork Of your bottles. If your wine cork gets too dry, it can be shrink to allow oxygen to interact with your wine. This changes the taste profile in a similar way to exposure to UV light, but the effects can be even stronger.

Horizontal wine storage solves this problem by keeping your wine in contact with your wine cork, preventing it from drying out completely and avoiding this problem altogether.

4. Vibration

Finally, vibrations can unsettle the sediment in some spirits – especially wines – which does not permanently change the taste of your drink, but can significantly affect your taste Drinking experience. Significant vibrations are usually not a major problem. However, if you do choose to use a pole with wheels, be sure to read the reviews before confirming that your wheels won’t shake the bottles vigorously as you move the pole from room to room.

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