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Recliner chairs at your service

Recliner chairs at your service

A recliner chair as a piece of furniture is not only very comfortable to use but also is very trendy and adds a style to your living room. Recliner chairs are designed in such a manner that the back rest can tilt to an angle greater than 90 degree providing greater amount of comfort and relaxation than its counterparts. It can tilt to any angle subject to its user’s comfort level. Recliner chairs also provide enough room to stretch your legs.

They are mostly made of leather which makes them look and feel very comfortable. The chair allows to adjust the angle through a latch release mechanism and usually has a head rest, foot rest, cup holder and a push back mechanism built into it. It provides great comfort to people with disability, broken backs and pregnant women.

There are number of styles and types of recliner chairs available online and in retail shops. A recliner with two positions allows you to tilt to an angle of 45 degree, however it does not allow you to lie down. This feature is incorporated in a three position recliner chair. In an infinite position recliner the foot rest can be operated independent of the back rest. All the recliner chairs are fully motorised and all functions are hand controlled.

There are also various styles of recliner chairs available like swivel recliner chairs which can rotate 360 degree and has a separate foot stool, reclining arm chair and massage recliner chair

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