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Credenza Desk

Credenza Desk

A sideboard desk is perfect to combine with the rest of your furniture in a home office, but is also a real treat in other work environments. It combines traditional design and modern goods.

Confused about his quirky name? Derived from the Italian for “belief” or “trust”, sideboards were used by servants in the 16th century to taste the food and drink reserved for important people in case they were poisoned.

With such a crazy origin story, it’s no wonder that sideboards have retained their fascinating aura despite the different uses (thank God for that!).

Let’s make sure you choose a sideboard desk that does its modern practical function and gives you extra storage space while still looking fabulous.

What type of sideboard is right for me?

Similar to traditional models, sideboard-desks come in many different shapes and designs. Think about the space allotted and the layout of that space to find the right one for you:

  • A classic rectangular Shape is a versatile option that easily fits into the smallest of spaces by holding the desk against the wall and squeezing it in a convenient corner or between other objects. In addition, your new sideboard desk can effortlessly blend in with the rest of the furniture.

  • L-shaped Desks are a functional solution that offers a wider surface and works particularly well in two main scenarios: either as space-optimizing corner models to make the most of the smallest studios, or as larger designs that extend towards the center of the room, defining a specific work area in one larger area.

  • U-shaped Sideboard-desks are a bulky but functional solution for the largest of spaces where space is not an issue and a wide work surface that practically surrounds you is your top priority.

What is the best material for a sideboard-desk?

Thats is quite easy Sideboard-desks are mostly made of wood! What to think about is the finish that you should choose.

In addition to making sure that the rest of your existing furniture is aiming for a cohesive look, keep in mind the following:

  • Lighter wood like oak is a smart choice for smaller spaces because of it makes them look bigger;;

  • Walnut and others darker wood surfaces Work especially well in large spaces or in traditional settings and give them a more old-fashioned and intimate feel.

  • Painted wood This makes it easier to adapt to the room palette, even if you prefer unusual colors.

If you want to add a more modern element or create a more airy room illusion, you can consider a wooden model with a Glass plate. However, you need to be prepared for this Dust it and wipe it more often. Remember that a Glass surface is not so strong and durable as a wooden counterpart, especially if you plan to put very heavy objects on top.

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