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Curtains & Drapes

Curtains & Drapes

With curtains, it’s usually a good idea to choose them because they are so big a neutral color so that the curtains effectively fade into the background. Especially if your room is busier or more colorful, choose a white or off-white color can help make the room feel less heavy.

However, if your room is mostly minimalist and done in lighter colors, choose a curtain or drape in a light jewel tone can create a dramatic focal point in your space. Consider a bright green or royal blue for a beautiful statement piece.

template can also spice up your interior. If your decor doesn’t currently have any patterns in place, you can go with it a bolder design to draw attention to your beautifully decorated window. If you already have patterns in your room, e.g. geometric or damask pattern Pick something on your pillows that matches the current style for a cohesive look.

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