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Decorative Paper Towel Dispenser

Decorative Paper Towel Dispenser

A decorative paper towel dispenser is a must in sanitary kitchens and bathrooms. With different styles, colors, and sizes available, you need to know how to choose the right one for your home. Determining the appropriate size and type of decorative paper towel dispenser for your home toilet requires careful considerations, among other things, of how often the space is used and what space is available for the device. Decorative dispensers also come with useful features, which we will explain below.


Integrated Teeth – For the smooth and quick tearing of tissue paper, only buy the decorative paper towel dispenser with integrated teeth built at the level of the dispenser. Folded Dispenser – If you want to minimize the spread of disease and germs in your space, take a contemporary approach to dispensing as it offers a one-time dispensing rather than a roll-style dispensing. It is what healthcare and high risk facilities use, which is also very suitable for private households. Hood – If a closed dispenser is not feasible, an open hooded unit is a great way to keep bacteria away from napkins. A hood provides a protective shield on the roll that serves as protection against possible contamination.


Acrylic – Decorative acrylic paper towel dispensers are intended for use in the kitchen or bathroom. The material is sturdy, durable and long lasting and is perfect for storing paper towels of all kinds. They are often installed, mounted, or installed next to bathroom / kitchen sinks for quick and easy access. Metal – Metal dispensers look incredibly slim. There are even wrought iron brackets that make bathrooms and kitchens quick and easy to access. Plastic – Plastic dispensers are shatterproof for long lasting performance. They are available in different styles and colors to match any home decor. Stainless Steel – Stainless steel dispensers are durable and best suited for use in large quantities. They look elegant and are incredibly easy to clean. Wicker – Wicker is used to make baskets and holders. The material is quite difficult to wipe and disinfect, but it is a decorative choice for countertop use. After you’ve learned all of the key considerations to consider when choosing a decorative paper towel dispenser, it’s time for you to check out our top deals!

Paper towel dispenser

Beautify your bathroom or kitchen with this simple but chic oak paper towel dispenser from Wooden Mallet. It’s great for home bar decor and goes perfectly with wood countertops. If you’re wondering, some of the best features include easy installation of new casters, simple design, and eco-friendly wood construction that is only made in the USA.

Sensory paper towel dispenser

This surface-mounted sensor-controlled paper towel dispenser is powered by 4D alkaline batteries. It is made of impact-resistant materials that are guaranteed for a whole year! A simple and rugged device from Bradley Corporation, it adds a sleek and modern aesthetic to any location it is installed.

Combination towel dispenser and glove / tissue holder

It’s a glove / tissue holder from Wooden Mallet and offers a minimalist look at an incredibly affordable price. The light finish, the sturdy fittings and the adjustable rods ensure that you no longer have to put your paper towel rolls and glove boxes on your worktop. With just this simple glove and tissue holder, you can already free up so much of your valuable counter! Think of all the possibilities!

Double paper towel holder

This cleverly crafted dispenser is made of a sturdy styrene construction and adds style to your bathroom or kitchen. This product is perfect if you are looking for something that is unusual but beautiful and clever as it serves a dual purpose. It can dispense paper towels at the same time or multiple parts from above.

Sahara beige marble towel rail

Nature Home Decor’s Sahara Beige Marble Towel Rail is highly valued for its amazing hand-polished construction. It’s a popular beige marble that can enhance or complement any decor you already have in your vanity. Since it is a natural stone, there are never two of these products that look exactly the same.

White onyx towel holder

This is another lovely paper towel dispenser from Nature Home Decor. It is made of semi-precious stone that will add sophistication and elegance to your kitchen countertop. The quirky construction and price tag may convince you to get this product, but what we personally loved about this particular dispenser is how it makes a great statement wherever it’s added.

Oceans Savvy Lever Roll Towel Dispenser

With this automatic transfer device, you can avoid wasting paper towels. It ensures you are using a stub roller to the full, and it comes with a varied toothed blade to reduce free drag. Environmentally conscious homeowners aren’t the only ones who will love this new donor, but also those who consider themselves budget conscious!

Vertical paper towel holder for kitchen countertop

Get this and it won’t be long before it becomes your favorite kitchen accessory! It has a base on which a roller can spin, but the material is also strong and solid which means it cannot be knocked over easily. It’s the easiest to clean and refill, but most importantly, the weighted base gives you stability and durability.

Wooden multiple paper towel dispenser

This multi-folded paper towel dispenser may seem simple, but it does the job for an incredibly low price. It was specially developed for use with multiple rollers for single dispensing. However, you cannot deny that with its sophisticated style, nobody will notice it.

Paper towel holder

This cast iron giraffe paper holder offers a massive aesthetic, but it doesn’t come with a ridiculous price tag. The solid cast iron construction is heavy enough to hold towels with one hand. It adds a traditional style to any room from its antique finish and vintage style, and there is certainly no lack of humor.

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