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Color instincts in interior design-blue chair

Color instincts in interior design-blue chair

Use of colors has been an upbeat topic when an industrial area or office is designed. Commercial offices have been painted dull grey or beige traditionally. But we must not ignore the fact that colors influence our emotions and thus our creativity and productivity. Therefore, we must not forget its importance even at workplace.

A wrong combination of color can have an impact like inducing sleep or irritation which may lead to yelling at the clients. I wonder why interior designers have ignored color psychology for years. It has been proved by researchers that the right use of color can stimulate certain brain areas which are associated with calming effects while wrong mixture of color can create nausea or aggression.

Bright colors can be used as accessories in the workplace to make the work place more vibrant. Industrial blue chair and metal cabinets give a complete look to your office. A dull grey is considered best color for viewing documents, in order to reduce eye strain. Hence, storage must be of dull grey, off white or brown.

Or while you are decorating your home, you can try giving it a look that is similar to the nature. You can think of your favorite season and use the colors accordingly. If summer is your favorite, think bright colors. Or if you are a winter person, imagine sky blue chairs and a grass green sofa, mountain with snow look to your walls.

With so much of consciousness arising towards the environment around the world, making your home look close to nature is a wonderful direction to go with decorating.

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