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Closet System Ideas

Closet System Ideas

The correct dimensioning of a cabinet and its components is Key to their efficiency and lasting disorder. Take the following size guide as your basic dimensions:

Sizes for walk-in closets

Standard cabinet dimensions are:

  • Width: 6 ‘to 12’
  • Height: 4 ‘to 6’
  • Depth: 3 ‘to 4’

Dimensions for sections for hanging clothes:

  • Width: 4 ‘or 6’
  • Size: 4 ‘for coats and jackets, 2’ for folded clothes such as pants, 3 ‘for shirts and blouses
  • Depth: 2 ‘

As these sections If you have different height requirements, you can also divide themThe 4 ‘tall section is at the top while the 3’ and 2 ‘sections can be in the lower compartments of the cabinet. All hanging sections should have a minimum of 6 inches on all sides.

An alternative sizing is Double-hang, in what you can Configure short and long hanging heights in the same section. The hanging heights for long and short poles are 4 ‘and 2 ‘.

There should be one for large walk-in closets that are 12 ‘wide approx 2 ‘walkway area on all sides.

Important: Walk-in closets for disabled people should have one Sidewalk space 30 “wide and 48” deep, as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

As for shelves, these are the size guidelines:

  • 14 “deep and 12” wide. In this way, folded garments can be conveniently stored without disturbing the sharp folds or creasing.
  • A gap of 18 “-20” between the shelves to optimize their use and for adequate air circulation.
  • The upper shelves are at the same height as the upper hanging rod – about 60 “to 66” from the floor.
  • The middle shelves are at belt level – about 36 “from the floor.
  • No shelves under 30 “highas they are not ergonomically advisable.

You can have closed cabinets in the lower part of the cabinets for storing shoes and other items.

Sizes for enema cabinets

This aren’t as deep as walk-in closets, just deep enough to hang coats and coats perpendicular to the back wall, and shallow enough that you don’t have to go in to take the coats out.

Standard dimensions of cabinets:

  • Width: 6 ‘to 8’
  • Height: 4 ‘to 5’
  • Depth: 2 ‘to 2 ½’

Since the cabinets are less deep, so should their back walls of maximum 12 “depth, Otherwise, deep gaps will arise that are difficult to access without entering.

The rest of the dimensions remain the same as with walk-in closets.

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