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Portable Tool Storage

Portable Tool Storage

Tool boxes

Depending on the design and storage capacity, the dimensions are vary slightly as under:

9 ¾ “- 11 ¾” H x 16 ½ “- 20 ½” W x 8 1/3 “- 9 ¾” D.

In terms of size, there isn’t a lot to choose from. Make a selection based on your needs.

Tool bags

The dimensions are in the following range:

6 “- 11” H x 12 “- 14” W x 5 “- 7” D.

Some examples of tool bag uses include repairing electronics and computer hardware, repairing electricity, and repairing white goods. The tools for such tasks are relatively small, but each type can have greater variety and scope. For example, the screwdriver set for laptop repair 40 sizes!

Remember Choose a size that gives you plenty of pockets and slots, as well as other types of separators.

Tool bags and tool straps

You are intended for Habit and General Domestic Use. While all sizes have a great purpose and functionality, choose the one that suits your needs.

Truck tool box

18 ½ “- 20” H x 60 “- 65” W x 18 ½ “- 20 ½” D.

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