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Sun And Moon Wall Decor

Sun And Moon Wall Decor

The moon, sun and stars are inaccessible to humanity when we look at the sky, but their influence is felt as surely as if they were close enough to touch them. The sun warms the earth and promotes growth when there is water or scorches the earth where it is not. The moon grows and wanes, creating tides and the means to count the seasons. The stars are jewels in the night sky and inspire wishes or dreams to travel beyond our little blue marble as it speeds through the universe. These celestial bodies not only affect each other physically, they also play a major role in our dreams.

Nursery decorations

Goodnight Moon is the name of a well-known children’s book that celebrates the decoration of a child’s room. As symbols of sleep and drowsiness, they often decorate the walls of kindergartens and inspire the little ones to close their eyes and give their parents a well-deserved rest. Plaques, pictures, and even small stuffed cell phones can celebrate the turning of the large bodies in the sky.

Garden art

Without the sun there would be no garden. Without the seasonal tides of the moon – well, the moon is supposed to affect plant growth, not just the marigolds of humans in the moon. As slopes, the sun and moon in the garden symbolize heavenly harmony. In addition, the celestial bodies apparently inspire artists to create great works.

Art for the atrium, the patio and anywhere in the house

Moon and sun art is perfect for any area that deals with plants and growth. In addition, it goes well with shabby chic and bohemian interior decoration. Growing moons, waning moons, stylized suns – large and small – and a generous dusting of stars give your interior or garden decoration a width. Who could resist these stylized symbols of two great forces in our world? Metal, resin sun, moon and star art are beautiful in every season. Burnished metal, brightly colored enamels, brightly colored resin, or resin pretending to be metal – all of these are a reminder that we are just a tiny ship sailing in a mighty ocean. Below are ten art examples for you to explore.

Sun and moon wall decoration

A bright golden sun is kissed by a sleepy ivory moon in this Celestial Harmony resin sculpture. The 15.5 inch piece weighs four pounds. So be sure to find a safe place to hang it. When placed outdoors, keep its brightness by introducing it in winter.

A classic arrangement of a crescent moon with a stylized sun and seven small stars in its embrace. It is made of a rustproof metal alloy and comes with a metal hook on the back for hanging. Can be hung outdoors but may fade in bright sunlight. The piece is thirty-six inches by thirty-six inches and weighs nine pounds. So leave plenty of space and find a stable place to hang it up.

Copper sun, moon and stars

A bright arrangement with the sun in the middle, with an arrangement of stars scattered across the pair of skies. The bright copper pieces are supported by a circle of copper wire separated by eight copper wires inside the circle. The piece is made in India and comes from Wind and Weather, a company with a passion for everything meteorological.

Psychedelic moon and star

Ingeniously painted patchwork moon and a single star surrounded by equally brilliant rays – an arrangement by Wind and Weather, the company that focuses on the world around us. The sculpture piece can be used inside or outside and creates a splash of color wherever it is placed. The light color was treated with a protective glaze.

Waning moon, sun and stars

A waning moon hugs a stylized sun with three stars punched out of the center, a beautiful piece. Just don’t think too much about the symbolism. Made of aluminum, this piece can be hung outdoors. It weighs about five pounds and is twenty-eight and a half inches in diameter in all directions. So find a large area with a stable surface to hang it on.

Resin growing moon, sun and stars

This resin wax moon with sun and stars is an attractive piece that looks like copper that was left out in the weather. It is ideal as a terrace decoration or as a wall hanging for your atrium. It’s not meant to be outdoors for long periods of time, but would make a lovely centerpiece for a garden party.

Aztec sun and moon

The Aztecs recognized the sun and moon as two heavenly bodies that had a powerful influence. Made in China, the sculpture is made of contoured steel and is durable enough to hang in your garden. The sun is light golden in color, while the moon is pale white, which is studded with small yellow ornaments. Can also be set up indoors if required.

Waning moon cradling a little sun

A whimsical moon to the left cradles a tiny sun. The moon’s hat and beard are dotted with tiny stars. Tender tendrils connect the little sun with the moon. Four small crystals are embedded in the delicate rays of the sun. This is a piece that would not be out of place on the walls of a kindergarten or similar room, but could be placed on the patio as well.

The monochrome waning moon made of gray metal hugs a sun surrounded by fierce rays of sunshine. The piece comes from Bloomsbury Market, a supplier of fine home furnishings. The piece of metal has no color to fade and would likely be an excellent choice for outdoor decoration.

Growing mosaic moon and sun

A colorful right-facing moon hugs each other, and the sun is just as bright. The piece is from Wind and Weather, the company that focuses on meteorological items and information. The mosaic moon and sun have been treated with a weatherproof finish and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Its jewel-hued colors are sure to make it a topic of conversation.

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