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Angel Tree Topper

Angel Tree Topper

An angel tree lid not only puts the design and look of your Christmas tree together, it also completes your Christmas decorations. Whether you’re looking for a more traditional or classic angel topper, or a modern version of it, you’ve come to the right place as we’ve listed the best angel tree toppers money can buy.

Hazel Angel Tree Topper

Angels have been the traditional tree canopy for Christmas trees for decades. The Hazel Angel Tree Topper from Darby Home Co. is the perfect ornament for your tree if you’re looking for something that is right in the middle of vintage and modern. Since it is gilded with a dress in copper and hazelnut colors, it will be the best addition to trees regardless of the theme or design of the tree.

This angel made our list of the best angel tree toppers because it is multifunctional. Yes, you read that right. Aside from being a treetop, it can be an incredible vignette on your mantelpiece or table top!

Majestic angel tree cover

This angel is another product of the renowned Darby Home Co. With its red dress, which is trimmed with faux fur, it looks more festive and provides a luxurious feeling. Her voluminous fabric dress isn’t the only great feature of this particular angel tree blanket, as it also sports a bouquet of red and gold flowers and gilded wings that complete her look.

Since the product is hand-painted with handmade details, your guests will be greeted with a unique ornament when they enter your home! She weighs 0.9 pounds. with overall dimensions of 16 “H x 9.5” W x 6 “D.

Imperial Angel Tree Topper

The Imperial Angel Tree Topper from Astoria Grand gives your Christmas tree the ultimate finishing touch. As the name suggests, it looks imperial with its faux fur-trimmed, elaborately crafted red dress with gold accents. It also has gold-plated wings that add graceful elegance to any vacation setting.

The product is high quality and handmade and hand painted with the holiday joy and spirit in mind. It weighs 0.7 pounds. and it comes in just the right size which is 16 “H x 9.5” W x 6 “D. Make sure you have clear zip ties ready to secure the angel tree lid to your Christmas tree, and set ensure it stays securely and securely attached properly.

Vintage angel tree topper with light

Inspired by a greeting card from the 1950s, this angel tree topper can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet to light up your home on Christmas Eve! This is a little different from the first three angel tree toppers we listed to add a nostalgic spirit to classic angel and star figures in your home.

Since it is mostly made of metal, you can expect it to see through several Christmass without losing any of its attractiveness and detailing. Once her lights are lit, the pattern of her star clothing is presented and her exquisitely sculpted, adorable face takes center stage.

African Diva Angel Tree Topper

This 16 inch diva angel tree topper from Santa’s workshop in American red and gold tones gives your vacation display a fascinating feeling of warmth. It features hand-painted hands and face, brown and purple feathered wings, and an exquisitely embroidered dress with gold and red tapestries.

What made this an incredible angel tree topper is not only its unique aura but also the construction. It is mainly made of wood. With its material construction and faux fur wings, it is great for homeowners who want to celebrate the holidays and use a Christmas decoration that does not have a negative impact on the environment.

Feather Angel Wings

Beautify your Christmas decorations in style with Feather Angel Wings from The Holiday Aisle. It’s a classic style angel tree topper that is complemented with cool lighting to create an eye-catching tree addition. She has an elegant aura with her all white dress and white fur-feathered wings. As she lights up, her cloth dress glows and takes your breath away.

Since their main material construction is resin / polyester, you have no worries about breaking your tree top. Use this beautiful product as a tree crown for Christmas or as one of your table decorations.

10-light white and silver angel treetop

Would you like a designer angel tree topper to be combined with your designer tree? If so, then this Kurt Adler 14 “10-Light White and Silver Angel Treetop is perfect for you! The blonde angel is holding two burning candles that will help make Christmas Eve feel much more special when you are with your family and friends .

It is part of Kurt Adler’s exclusive Tree Topper Collection. With her white and silver dress, it is an angel that will enrich the look of your Christmas coat or your table top. Its base is cone-shaped so it can easily sit on your tree.

White and Silver Fiber Optic LED Angel Treetop

This 12 incher from Kurt Adler is a slightly smaller version of the previous product and a great picture of serenity and beauty. It comes with a detailed white and silver dress with large feathery wings. The most notable feature is the fiberglass effect, which can delight your guests when you show off your gorgeous Christmas decorations. It’s small and won’t overwhelm your other Christmas decorations.

Kurt Adler angel Christmas tree crown figure with fabric hair

Another masterpiece by Kurt Adler is an angel tree with realistic fabric hair, a detailed ivory dress, two glowing candles, large feathered wings and a face that has been carefully painted by a skilled craftsman. Since it is from Kurt Adler’s Tree Topper collection, you can bet it is of the highest quality. It measures 12.3 x 9.8 x 6 inches and weighs 14.4 ounces.

The last angel tree on our list is nothing short of amazing. It emits light and warmth and is hand carved and hand painted by the famous artist Susan Lordi in her own studio. As you already know, this is the angel tree topper that you can definitely show off to your guests as it has an unparalleled level of craftsmanship and attention to detail.

It’s a 12-inch so you can easily add the grace and majesty of the Starlight Tree Topper to your Christmas decorations.

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