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A guide to hardwood refinishing

A guide to hardwood refinishing

So now your floors are covered with scratches! Well, there are different ways that you can ensure that you improve the appearance. You don’t have to remove your hardwood flooring. You can just engage in the hardwood refinishing.

Okay, one thing that you have to understand is that as interesting as it is to be engaged in the project, not all the DIY come out great. You need to exercise caution when you are applying the coats.

Tips for refinishing

Every home improvement project that you engage in is unique. This means that there are different procedures involved. For a successful hardwood refinishing project, below are few tips that you may consider.

  • Choose the right equipment

In every project the right equipment will not only save you time but will also keep you from embarrassing yourself. There are different equipment that are crucial to this project and one the most important one is the sander. You see, the first step in this project is sanding the wood to smoothen the surface.  There are different types of sanders and you need to exercise caution when you are buying them.

  • Belt sanders; this may be a good option especially because you are working on a large surface.
  • Orbital sanders; now, since you will be working by yourself, you need tools that will not pose any challenge when it comes to using. This is one of the tools it is lightweight and very easy to use.
  • Random orbit sander
  • Have the proper estimate of the cost

You need to evaluate the project before you start the process. The cost will be in terms of the equipment required and the materials to be used

Engaging in the project

  • Sanding the wood; this is the first step that you will be engaged in. Sanding will help you to smoothen the surface
  • Staining; you may choose to use the stains or not. This will depend on the kind of coating that you want on your floors. If you want a darker coat, then you may apply the stain
  • Remove the extra stain to avoid an unnatural look on the wood
  • The finishing coat; there are about three coats that you may apply. They include the; water based, polyurethane and the acid cured.

The final word

Having this DIY project may not have the same results. You may end up with worse looking floors. To avoid any frustrating moments, you may want to hire professional help.

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