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Decorative Stair Treads

Decorative Stair Treads

As in recent years, high-quality decorative stairs are a must in private households and help prevent injuries. Contrary to popular belief, decorative stairs not only serve to beautify your home, but also provide support when you go up and down your stairs. Bare wooden steps may be incredible, but they are slippery, making them especially dangerous for your children and pets. In addition, outdoor stairs can get tricky when covered in snow, ice, or rainwater. Fortunately, decorative stair treads make your steps safer. When making your selection, consider the points listed below.


When determining which stairs are best to add to your home, the first thing to consider is the number of mats you will need. Of course, you want every step to have a profile. If you have 10-12 steps in your stairs you will need 10-12 mats. Many manufacturers and designers would allow you to purchase additional treads if your chosen set doesn’t have enough. There are also tiers that you can purchase individually.

length and width

Most stairs are not designed to wrap the lips of stairs. Since they only need to sit on one surface, the length of your profile should be 3 to 5 inches shorter than the length of each step. Most steps measure 8-10 inches long. Longer than that should be used on a larger staircase. To determine the maximum length for your stair profile, measure the front of a step all the way back. In terms of width, you will find that decorative stair treads come in a variety of widths. The width of a profile determines the amount of surface that is covered in each step. You can opt for a narrow staircase, typically 22.5 inches wide. For a wider profile, the largest you can choose is 36 inches. A wide stair profile is often used outdoors, while a narrower design is best used indoors. Now that you’ve covered the above, you can move on to the fun part, which is the shopping! Check out our top deals below as we’re sure you will find a kit that you will love for your home.

Amald Diamond Stair Tread

First up is the Amald Diamond Stair Tread from Red Barrel Studio. This set of 4 should be seriously considered, especially if you want stair steps that can be used both indoors and outdoors. A great feature of these decorative stair treads is the non-slip pad that makes them incredibly safe even when wet. The excellently designed, durable products are also dirt-repellent.

Colberg Gray Stair Tread

Another set from the renowned Red Barrel Studio offers Japanese-inspired decorative stairs made of 100% sisal. Its long-lasting, vibrant colors can add an exotic feel to your interior that will remind you of the beauty of Asia. The set contains 13 beautiful stair treads and is perfect even if you have pets as they are durable and easy to clean.

Seal Harbor Light blue stair step

Add just the right amount of color to your stairs with this set of light blue stair treads from Seal Harbor by Breakwater Bay. Because the manufacturer wanted to offer excellent quality, the materials in this set are durable, soft and durable. Cleaning the 13 stages only requires the use of common household cleaners.

Juliana step

The stair profile from the Juliana collection by August Grove made of 100% natural jute gives your interior a rustic flair. The pattern of this interior profile speaks volumes in terms of style and decor. Since it is a highly absorbent profile, it is guaranteed that it combats moisture and wetness.

Robichaux jute stair step

This 100% jute stair profile is an Indian hand-woven runner rug known for its earth tones and design. Because a staircase is prone to wear and tear compared to other interior surfaces, it is imperative that a homeowner protect a staircase. This is an excellent choice as it is machine washable, durable, and made from 100% natural materials.

Gray stair step

Measuring 30 “by 8.5”, this set of highly decorative stair treads is the perfect choice with its anti-static, 100% synthetic finish that resists rot and mold. Each profile is certified as non-slip by the country’s soil safety institute. Simply hose off to clean.

This set has the same pattern and quality materials as the previous set of stairs, but the two are different in color. Its vibrant color is resistant to fading even after years of exposure to direct sunlight. Yes, it is definitely worth your money! In terms of design, it will add classic grace to your space.

Ryan Leaf Red Stair Tread

Bring the sophistication and elegance of Persian rugs into your space with this set of authentic stair steps from Turkey. With its non-slip rubber back and the light-resistant nylon material, it guarantees the best protection for your stairs. It is decorated with exquisite patterns on the surface so that the set fits perfectly into a traditionally designed living space.

Amald Dogbone Repair Stair Tread

These off the shelf stairs are perfect if you are a dog lover. The rubber material, which the manufacturer calls the exclusive “water dam”, ensures that the mats keep water and dirt away from your sensitive floor and instead on the steps. The non-slip rubber pad used for this set is environmentally friendly, which indicates that the product has been carefully designed and manufactured.

Inspired by antique decorative iron gates, these decorative stair treads with their roller design add complexity and beauty to your outdoor space. No adhesives are required for these rubber treads – just drop them all. Yes, you can finally say goodbye to dangerous, slippery surfaces! Because of the rigidity and robustness of the treads, you can be sure that they will last a long time.

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