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Filing Cabinet

Filing Cabinet

Just because the focus is on functionality doesn’t mean your filing cabinet should look painfully out of place!

If you want to ensure some consistency, be it in your office or at home:

  • Identify the color palette of the room and stick to one of these colors;

  • Is there a dominant material, especially next to where you want to put your new filing cabinet? Look for a model that manages it.

If this filing cabinet is in your home office, you may also want to compliment its decorating style:

  • Models made of metal, plastic or lacquered wood with slim shapes work well for modern Rooms;

  • For a Mid-century modern feel, try and look for dark wood cabinets with long drawers and outward-facing legs;

  • Vertical monochrome models help you to get a clear appearance in your model minimalistic Room;

  • Minimalist filing cabinets made from natural wood or in a color from a nature-inspired palette (such as white, yellow, gray, dark blue, or forest green) can help you add a Scandinavian rotate;

  • Complementary decorative styles such as Shabby chic and French country can be challenging given the practical role of filing cabinets; However, discolored white wood and harmonious shapes with lots of elegant details do a great job.

  • For raw industrial Styles, focus on bare metal cabinets or models that include a combination of metal and wood: for example, wooden drawers in a dark metal frame or with metal handles;

  • Would you like to spice up your home office with something eclectic? Bohemian Mood? Choose a filing cabinet with colorful wooden elements that have a unique handcrafted feel.

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