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How to make a strong and classy paving slab

How to make a strong and classy paving slab

“Paving slab” it is the entrance of a house or building. It decides the look of a building. So it should be well designed. It can be made in many cuts and designs. We can make its design according to available space. It is like a pavement. It can be decorated according to buildings exterior. It is the entrance area where we cam make a garden, parking etc.

The paving slab can make by stone, sand, concrete, bricks, tiles, wood or clay product. If you want a flexible road for a limited period then you should use sand and concrete. We can not use pure concrete for making a road. Because it can be cracked in a short period.

In current day’s tiles, stones and bricks are mainly used to make a road, driveways, patios, walkway, courtyard and other outdoors platforms. In inner area, it can be made of wood also. Because we can give a classy look by use of it.

We can arrange some rides in pavement. It gives an attractive look to it. Beside the road, we can put some pots for decoration. It can be some plants. We can make a sitting arrangement in this area.

Here we are presenting some materials that can be used to make a paving slab:

  • Wood paving slab– It gives a different look to the road. We can use different types of wood and its color to give a classy look.
  • Tiles and bricks paving slab- In this type of road we can do planting in between some bricks.

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