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Metal Airplane Decor

Metal Airplane Decor

If you have a budding Amelia Earhart or Charles Lindberg in your family, or an adult member who works professionally with the aviation industry, metal airplane decorations might be just the thing for special occasion or home decor gifts. Airplane models and wall art add extra interest to a nursery, den, or family room and can grace even more formal parts of your home. Once a futuristic idea, airplanes have become commonplace, especially with a space station orbiting the earth and an expedition to Mars in the planning stages. Even so, they are part of human exploration of the world around us.

Decorative options

You can decorate with planes in different ways. A simple method is to attach a plaque or wall decoration. Another simple method is to hang a toy or model airplane from the ceiling. A more sophisticated method is to decorate with small sculptures or have airplanes on items that will be used around the house. Napkin rings or object holders are good examples of this.

The legend of the planes

History and myth can mix when it comes to airplanes. Of course there are the records of the early aviators and the mysterious disappearances of people like Amelia Earhart. There are also legendary aircraft like the Spruce Goose. Due to material restrictions during the war, the gigantic aircraft was made entirely of wood and flown exactly once for one minute. It flew a little over a mile. The giant airplane was mentioned in Dream Park by Larry Niven and Steven Barnes. Aircraft were the next step in transportation development after trains, automobiles, and steam engines for ships. As such, they are part of the fabric of history.

Airplane and toy collection

Airplanes were and are part of the toys made available to children to use in imaginative play. So vintage toy airplanes are of interest to toy collectors – even if they’re not necessarily just interested in airplanes. Toy airplanes were made from balsa wood, metal, and plastic. Some of them are supposed to be thrown and slide in the wind. Others were created to be powered by rubber bands or even small motors. Indeed, remotely piloted aircraft could be said to be the forerunners of today’s drones. Although Icarus and his feathers and wax wings are not an airplane, they should not be forgotten. But airplanes are mankind’s first step from the great blue marble, with all the romance that implies.

The perfect gift for a junior aviator or collector, the image of a P-548 etched onto a piece of distressed, whitewashed iron is a reminder of the early history of aircraft. Two three-dimensional propellers, also made of metal, are added to the picture. This listing is from Cole & Gray, the plaque made in China.

Plane napkin ring

Show your appreciation for your favorite aviator or pilot with this nickel-plated napkin ring decorated with a twin-engine airplane. It comes as a set of 4, a perfect gift for a promotion, license or other special occasion. The napkin rings come from Godinger Silver Art Co., a family company that prides itself on providing fine accessories.

Chubby metal double-decker supports, a fine chain and a bell to create a wind chime. Three Hands is a design and import company that has been operating for more than 30 years to bring you fine collectibles.

Contemporary transport wall decor

This is a finely crafted three-dimensional metal and wood sculpture of an airplane taking off. In beige and gray tones, it looks like it is taking off in the rain. This contemporary 17 story transportation wall hanging will be a conversation piece for years to come, whether on a wall in your business or home.

Airplane wall decoration

This colorful, desperate airplane wall hanging looks like it is flying straight out of the wall. It makes a fantastic gift for the aeronaut in your life or a decoration for your own wall. Use it as part of a mural or on its own for an eye-catching conversation piece. Offered by American Mercantile for your pleasure.

Vintage toy airplane replica

Hang this from the ceiling for a bit of nostalgia when boy’s rooms were decorated with planes and trains rather than spaceships, transformers, and ferocious aliens. Made by EC World Imports for you to enjoy along with many other decorative and useful items.

Broun plane decorated bottle cap

This brass bottle topper is perfect for an unplanned stopover or to keep your favorite drink a little longer. He’s the answer to not having to drink the whole thing. It’s a brass spike wrapped in a rubber gasket and topped with a chubby little brass plane. The Broun Airplane Stopper will be brought to you from Charlton Home.

This small double-decker model from Urban Designs can be hung from the ceiling or displayed on a pedestal. Similar designs are also available from Cheungs and Cole & Gray. Excellent ornaments for anyone interested in vintage airplanes and model airplanes, or anyone who loves collecting vintage toys. Its cheerful colors and bright designs will suit any den or family room decor.

Vintage airplane quartz watch

Awaken your aviation enthusiast with this replica biplane with a quartz watch embedded in the frame. Originally from Ashton Sutton, it has a hand-welded wrought iron case made of metal with a beige dial. If you have someone in your family who is crazy about airplanes or is involved in a related field, this could be the perfect gift.

Let your bar tools dangle from a shiny chrome plane. The plane stands on a chrome base and the appropriate tools hang on the sides. Not what you would normally see flying through the sky, but an item that could make a good gift or decoration for the cave. Provided by Godinger Silver Art Co.

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