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Decorative Letter Blocks

Decorative Letter Blocks

Word art goes hand in hand with literacy. Or maybe word art came before literacy – the two are closely related. Decorative letters can be used for all kinds of purposes – to spell out company names, identify a place of residence for the postman, or just to sound your “barbaric yawn” to the world. Before general literacy, written words seemed magical – an idea that undoubtedly benefited many charlatans. Indeed, alphabets like the Ogham script were reserved for the priestly orders and were taught in secret. There was an understanding that when you write something you create a permanence of the idea. Large decorative letter blocks can add to this sense of permanence and make your message bold.

Company name

One of the best uses for decorative letters has been to display company names. Whether the letters are three-dimensional or painted on a door, passers-by can easily identify the establishment or even find a type of store that suits their needs.

Feeling for the place

Perhaps one of the most famous uses of letters is the word “Hollywood” as it is written in lights over this famous neighborhood. While this is an extraordinary use of letter art, it is no less noticeable when displayed in the shape of a house that has “The Smiths” written in it or some other name. A prominent name easily identifies your location for mail delivery or emergency services as well as guests.

personal message

Perhaps one of the most recent uses of word art is to convey a message to the world. These messages can range from “Jesus Saves” to “Writer at Work: Stop at Your Own Risk”. Some messages are more direct and make one reflect on the person’s intention, while others announce a willingness to embrace the world with happiness. But in any case, words make the meaning clearer than pictures.

Letters for your message

You can use letters to convey your message. They can be big or small; rustic and desperate or modern and shiny. Whatever you want to say, there are a number of letters “out there” that you can use to create your words. Here are a few examples.

Large letter pads

Large letter pads made in Mexico. The large letters are perfect for displaying the company name or for decorative use. Curved letters in the set may need help getting up properly. Put them on a wall or combine them with other landscaping details to solve this problem. All are handmade, which can lead to variations in size and shape.

Rustic brown letters

Nothing says perseverance like a rusty brown iron letter. Nest it under other arrangements or use a number of arrangements to spell something out. Made in Mexico and distributed by Trent Austin Design. These letters can easily be reminiscent of ghost towns and tumbleweeds in the desert and waiting for you to explore.

These tiny, distorted galvanized metal letters could be just the thing for a door panel or mailbox. Made in the USA and distributed by Gracie Oaks, they can be used as standing letters or hung for display, which makes them perfect for word art. They are reminiscent of old tin roofs or country kitchens and are perfect for furnishing in the country or in the hut.

Table tops made of polished aluminum

Only standing orientation, but what a stand! These highly polished metal letters can be used on their own or to formulate a special message. Bright, contemporary and modern, they can create an ambience from Now like no other. Add in some bright tinsel stars and battery operated tea lights for a table arrangement to the minute.

Wood Block Perpetual Calendar

Tired of buying desktop calendars year after year? Then this perpetual calendar made from vintage wooden blocks is just right for you. Change the blocks daily to show the month and day. The only thing missing is the year. In addition, this is a calendar that never uses batteries or electricity. Accompany it with an old-fashioned analog elevator clock to complete your desk ensemble.

Standing notepads

Angulay Driftwood Beach stationary letter pads bring the feeling of the ocean, the castaways and the shipwrecks. These distressed wood letters are decorated with ropes and are sure to be a hit at your next pirate party. Brought to you from Highland Dunes.

Love letter pads

Express your intention with these desperate wooden letters that spell out one of the most important (and perhaps most misunderstood) words in the English language. The letter L has added typographical details that show its intent. It is a perfect gift for a wedding or for an anniversary celebration. The Sutherland Love Letters are brought to you by Andover Mills.

Mirrored glass letters

If you need an elegant way of setting up your office or desk claim, this is it – mirror glass letters brought to you by Boston Warehouse Trading Corp. were brought. It won’t get any shinier or brighter than this unless you put your name on in lights. Also suitable for writing messages on banquet tables.

At home in gilded script

Announce your location with these two-piece aluminum-acrylic letter blocks that spell the word “home” in modern script. Perfect for placing on a coat or wall of words, or even as part of a scavenger hunt game. The gilding shows the meaning of the word. It is apt to be placed almost anywhere in your room where you feel the need to remember where you are.

Router decorated wooden block letters

Make an area or room special with these desperate rustic wooden block letters. Spell a name or just use one letter as an initial. These letters give a word art arrangement a special look that is unmatched by any other. O’Rourke decorative router wood blocks could be just the thing for a teenage room or as a centerpiece at your next dinner party.

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