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Patio Bistro Sets

Patio Bistro Sets

Your local weather conditions will have a huge impact on the best selection of bistro sets. Not only can the weather determine how and when you use your patio set, but it can also affect the life of your chairs and tables.

Generally, you won’t sit outside on the patio enjoying tea in the pouring rain, but it’s also unlikely that you will have time to pack your kit before each shower. The same goes for very warm weather. You might think that the midday sun is the perfect setting for coffee or a glass of cold whiskey. But what if the metal on your chair is scorching hot?

If you don’t have a good idea of ​​your local weather conditions, it’s probably a good idea to do a little research before buying a bistro set. With this knowledge, you can decide what type of material is best for your bistro set.


Wooden bistro sets offer many options for stylish additions to your terrace or garden. Natural wood grain goes well with plant features, tiles, carpets, hardwood floors, and even modern home designs. In contrast to bistro sets made of metal, wooden sets are very rarely unusable due to extreme temperatures. Wood is inherently a poor conductor of heat, so using your device on a warm day will not be a problem.

Wooden bistro sets, on the other hand, can provide the need additional maintenance over time. Treatments that allow wood to withstand the outdoor weather can wear out and need to be repeated. If you aren’t diligent enough, your tables and chairs can become worn or sculpted, which can lead to breaks and possible falls.


If you are looking for the best of all worlds when it comes to maintenance, Comfort and accessibility, Wicker bistro sets are probably best. Because of its porous nature, wicker does not hold water well, so you don’t have to worry too much about wiping it off after each shower.

Given that willow is vegetable (usually bamboo, reed, or willow) this is the case very temperature resistant and doesn’t get very hot even at noon. Wicker lets the breeze caress all parts of the body equally and bends evenly, simulating the comfort you would get from pillows without feeling too hot.

Unfortunately, the wickerwork on chairs doesn’t last the longest. The material is based on plants and is usually combined with a wooden frame. So over time, you can expect wicker to fray or break along the edges of the frame.


It can be argued that there are metal bistro sets the best longevity all other bistro materials. This is especially the case if your metal bistro set is treated with weatherproof paint or powder-coated steel.

Powder-coated steel offers an amazing amount of versatility when it comes to design. It is created by melting powder paint onto steel, creating a protective layer against rust, scratches and stains.

As wonderful as the shelf life of your bistro set is, metal itself is usually not that convenient. On hot days, metal chairs can be too hot unless they’re in a shaded area or have poufs.

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