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Arch Wall Decor

Arch Wall Decor

When choosing an exotic living accent like an arched wall décor for your home, your options are endless making it hard to decide which one to buy. Check out our Buying Guide and Top Deals to make the entire selection and buying process easier! An arched wall decor is a stunning accent to add to your humble stay. Give your home an alluring look in the simplest and cheapest way. It is known for its elegance and timeless beauty that is just perfect no matter where it’s added, be it your living room, outdoor area or bedroom.
There is a bewildering amount of domed wall decorations that you can find for sale online. To choose the best one for your home, here are some pointers to keep in mind:


Smaller versions of the arch wall decor are hard to come by, but easier to store. They’re cheaper too, which is why most of the people have a lot of these incredible wall accessories. A small arched wall decor is great for a narrow hallway or cozy bedroom. However, they would have less of an impact in spacious rooms with high ceilings. When choosing the right size for your new wall decor, the first thing you need to do is identify the wall that you want to decorate. A wall is the natural extension of your wall decor. If you buy a small piece and hang it on a massive wall that is empty, your decor will disappear into the room. It will also exude a helpless and shy mood. On the flip side, the artwork feels like a giant when it has a huge wall decor and it is hanging in an already cramped wall and it is wearing pants that are too small. It is definitely a look that you would want for your home. So get a big piece for large spaces. If you want small pieces, you can use multiple pieces together to create a wall of stunning domed wall decor.


When deciding on colored domed wall decor, you need to consider the color of the room furniture, wall, and accent pillows. You want the color or finish of your new wall accessory to match the color of the room to make sure everything is coordinated. While there is no need to find exact colors, they should at least have the same feel or family. You can shop now! Check out our top tips below.

Religious arch wall decoration of the Blessed Virgin and Child

This religious arch wall decor features an image of Mother Mary and Baby Jesus guarded by angels. It is a timeless piece that can be used to bless your walls with a magnificent renaissance style replica. Handmade, hand painted, and made from high quality designer resin, this wall decor is sure to be a great buy.

Arch wall decoration

This arched wall decoration is a work of art by One Allium Way and makes every living space appear brighter and more elegant. It is the perfect decor for an empty or rather dreary wall. The curved solid wood frame with a cream-colored finish and the elegant roller design create a decorative effect and give your room a neutral serenity.

2-piece arch wall decor set

All of the pieces we present are unique, but this one is unique. It is a two-part wall-wall decor with a rustic flair. It’s been made from iron and wood and given a white / cream finish which means it will go perfectly with any other wall decor you already have.

Lazy O’Ranch Arch wall decoration

Stop a blank wall from looking sad by adding a relaxed and simple wall to it. A soft landscape like your patio can be soothing when complemented with this antiquated reproduction of an old Mexican arched window grille. It’s so versatile you can even use it as a unique bed headboard!

Sculptural wall decoration of the cathedral arch

Add a little sophistication to this hygge-inspired living space with this sculptural wall decor from the Cathedral by Design Toscano. It is a work of art that easily fits into a garden or living room wall. The stunning architecture of this piece enables you to overcome your illness staring at bare and empty walls!

Victorian Arch Wall Decor

Nothing conveys character and a sense of elegance and timelessness like the Victorian-inspired arched wall decoration. This piece can take you to a time that is more elegant and breathtaking. It has been carefully stained to give it an old look. However, the most impressive part of this work of art is the fact that it is less fragile compared to concrete! It’s the perfect addition to a garden wall.

Half Moon Architectural Wall Decor

This architectural crescent moon wall decoration from My Amigos Imports is best to hang in a living room with high ceilings and immediately draws the eye upwards. This gives a room an elongated effect. It’s also great for outdoors as it can elevate a subdued environment or a neutral garden wall.

Fifi Contemporary Arch wall mirror

If you live in a rental apartment and can’t add moldings to add class and sophistication to your space, the best alternative is to hang this modern curved wall decor on a wall. It offers the perfect variation for complicated wall additions without the messy and expensive construction work. In addition, the black frame finish and arched / crowned top can enrich the space and visually expand the proportions of the room.

Margaux Arch wall mirror

It’s easy to add an airy and light feel to your living space, especially with this Margaux Arch Wall Decor. It blends in beautifully with the color scheme of the room and adds a bit of shine to your space. It is the best wall decoration to combine with sophisticated seating such as a modern wing chair or a small club chair.

Alegria arched wooden wall shelf

This functional wall decor is a styling inspiration and attracts attention no matter where it’s added. Bring a sense of age to your hallway, bedroom, pantry or bathroom with this silver accent shelf. Not only does it add dimension to your wall, it also adds subtle color and just the right amount of texture to your room.

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