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4 Experts Wall Accents

4 Experts Wall Accents

Open floor concepts can be tricky as the living room, kitchen and dining room merge together. Similar to how you need to be strategic about the size and placement of your furniture to keep the spaces defined, You also need to be strategic with wall art.

Try to use larger pieces to define key spaces. For example, a great accent piece above the dining table can help define this space as a dining area. This technique also works with sofas or chairs for living rooms.

In addition, you should Try to keep your color palette a solid color throughout the shared area. You can still play with accent colors, however – and wall art is the perfect way to do that. For example, if your palette includes white, blue, green, and yellow, use blue wall art pieces for the kitchen, green pieces for the living room, and yellow pieces for the dining room. This is a fun way to define any space but still keep it cohesive.

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