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Splash colours with outdoor cushions

Splash colours with outdoor cushions

Living in warm climate with the additional woes of frequent power cuts usually forces the dwellers to spend more time outside the house in veranda or backyard, rather than staying holed up inside the house. So for those who have to embrace long warmer months, decorating the outside living area makes more sense.

In order to make the living area more comfortable the first thing that would cross your mind would be to buy some really comfortable mattress or furniture adorned by some fancy outdoor cushions.

The Fabric

Outdoor cushions, unlike indoor cushions, need to be more durable as they will be prone to dust, humidity and moisture. Hence the fabric has to be chosen very carefully. Canvas fabric is the best suited choice for such cushions and they require relatively less attention as compared to linen, cotton or leather cushions.

Selecting the correct cushion

Outdoor cushions are chosen first on the basis of their resilience and then appearance. Cotton and duck canvas cushions can be dyed easily and hence are available in multitude of colours and patterns. Cushions come in variety of shapes and size. Do not hesitate to mix up the shapes and size to achieve extraordinary combinations. You can always choose them in contrast or to match the surroundings and blend in.

You can buy cushions offline in retail shops if you want to be assured regarding the fabric of the cushion or you can simply shop online where different online portals present beautiful and as many combinations you can ask for.

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