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Trunk Desk

Trunk Desk

The trunk was inspired by the custom order made for Goyard by the famous British writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. This trunk could serve as a desk. What emerged from the workshop of the luxury luggage supplier Edmond Goyard was a trunk with storage space, a bookshelf and a writing surface or a table.

Today, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s trunk desk is reproduced, preserving its intricate details and impressive presence. It is often made of wood or veneer with deeply stained surfaces and handcrafted inlay patterns. Because a trunk desk is designed as a workstation that you, the user, work at most of the day, it is important that due consideration be given to the selection process.

Read on as we’ve listed the best trunk desks available right now and some tips on choosing the best one.

Richard’s Trunk Desk – Polished Aluminum

The first trunk desk on our list is based on a steam trunk from the 1900s that actually traveled the world. It’s a remake built using the same techniques Timothy Oulton made with the pins, hinges, and brackets of the well-traveled trunk from the 1900s.

Since the wooden frame of the piece is clad in polished aluminum and then accented with steel screws, it is undeniable that this trunk desk has managed to reinterpret the grandeur of years past in a contemporary way. Consider this one of your best options as its charm is the touch you need to make your home unique.

Mayfair Steamer Trunk Desk with 5 Drawers – Vintage Cigar

Elegant and luxurious, the second masterpiece on our list is still from Restoration Hardware. With its vintage cigar leather sleeve attached to all sides of the device, it can be easily positioned in your living area. This trunk desk with 5 drawers consists of a handcrafted solid wood frame and offers you an incomparable piece.

Overall dimensions are 63 “W x 31½” D x 30 “H so it is in the best size. You won’t find it difficult to fit the unit into your space regardless of the size of the space. The most notable aspect of this trunk desk is just The best materials are used and transformed using craftsmanship and first class methods.This is a piece of furniture that you can pass down to generations.

Mayfair Steamer Trunk 3 Drawer Desk – Brushed steel

This device is a simpler reproduction of an antique steam suitcase and features a brushed steel construction with a handcrafted solid wood frame. The trim is made of leather with drawer pull-outs and corner brackets accented with thousands of hand-hammered brass nail heads. It has three storage compartments that are lined with canvas.

What made us add this to our list of the best trunk tables is the fact that it adds style and functionality to workstations and living spaces. At 48½ “W x 20” D x 30 “H, it’s a great size and stunning, simple and graceful – all of the aspects that make the best desk.

Aviator trunk desk

The Aviator Trunk Desk mimics the riveted exterior of an airplane, which is accented with trunk parts. It’s a piece of furniture that you can bet will be unforgettable. The aluminum plates were carefully shaped and then fixed in place with hand-applied nails. Its creation consisted of different stages to create the impression of being desperate and worn out.

Tribute to some of the greatest aircraft ever built, including suitcases, that roamed the world with this gem. With its sizeable size of 64 x 32 x 31 inches, this could be the statement that will complete the look of your room.

Old style desk podium chest

If you’re just looking for an affordable alternative to trunk desks that are full of history and romance, there is no better product than this Old Style Desk Podium Desk from Quickway Imports. From the name alone, you know that it has three functions: as a desk for writing, as a podium and of course as a storage box.

Choosing this product and adding it to your home can cause all kinds of exciting reactions. You can take visitors and guests back in time or into another time period without having to spend thousands of dollars. As a bonus, the Old Style Desk / Chest / Podium doesn’t seem cheap at all. In fact, it looks like it is actually from a bygone era!

Ludlow Trunk Secretary Desk

The Ludlow Trunk Secretary Desk is in great demand with homeowners as it is a great addition to living spaces, especially home offices. Trunk secretary desks, including this piece available from Pottery Barn, make smart use of space as they take up little space but offer plenty of space for storage, writing, or working.

Is that all? Of course not! The Ludlow Trunk Secretary Desk is so versatile that it can also accommodate your office equipment like your laptop. The piece is finished by hand to give it an antique look. It is then sealed with a protective varnish, which makes the device moisture-proof.

With its functionality and aesthetics, you will definitely get your money’s worth with this product.

Buying tips

Now that you know which options are best for trunk desks, let’s take a look at a few things to consider in order to make the best selection from the 6 products featured.


When you buy a trunk desk, figuring out the dimensions of the available space in your home or office will greatly simplify the selection process. A great way to focus on your decisions is to rule out desks that are too large for your room. However, there are a few other dimensions that you need to think about to make your space comfortable and organized efficiently, such as: B. Windows, access, doors and much more.

  • Windows – You want to position your trunk desk in such a way that it has limited glare from the sun while you are working. Plus, a trunk desk is best preserved, and direct sunlight doesn’t bring out the finish or the building materials.
  • access – Think about how the desk will be placed in your home or building. Does it have to go up a flight of stairs? Perhaps you’d need to bring it down a narrow hallway or add a small door. If you can easily get your chosen desk into your room, then you can definitely get the piece.
  • door – Leave enough space so that the door of your room can open fully even if a trunk desk is added.
  • Space for movement – Leave at least 3 meters of space behind your desk so you can comfortably sit down or pull out a chair.


Trunk tables might not be the best in terms of ergonomics, but there are certain things you can do to ensure your comfort while using your new piece of furniture, including the following:

  • Position of the monitor – If you mount a monitor on the trunk, it should be 20-30 inches from the user’s face. The top of the monitor should be at eye level with the user at eye level at the desk.
  • Legroom – Most trunk tables are 30 inches off the floor and work well for people who are 5 to 6 inches tall. A general guideline is to choose the height (for the desk) that is comfortable to the touch. The user’s hands must rest flat on a surface with the elbows pointing down or at a 90 degree angle.
  • Work surface – Important items that you often need for work, such as pen cups and storage compartments, must be within reach.
  • desk chair – Unlike standing desks, a trunk desk must be combined with a desk chair. For you or the maximum comfort of the user, get the chair with armrests to support the elbow. With good lumbar support, the user’s back feels good even after hours of sitting. Chairs with casters offer greater maneuverability.


Different materials influence the look of a trunk and express a certain style. For example, metal gives a more modern atmosphere and dark woods look timeless. If you want the traditional material to match your classic style space, wood is the best option. It can be painted or stained for a clean finish to preserve the material’s natural grain pattern.

A laminate trunk desk is a more practical option. It has the same colors as real wood, so you can easily mistake it for solid wood.

Although metal has a more modern feel to it like polished aluminum, it doesn’t take away the authentic look of trunk tables. Metal is also durable so your desk will last for years without the maintenance that wood does.

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