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Different types of carpets produced by carpet manufacturers

Different types of carpets produced by carpet manufacturers

When it comes to carpets, the carpet manufacturers generally use loop pile, cut pile or combine both the types to create attractive carpets. However, apart from these, manufacturers produce many other types of carpets as well. We will have a look of some other types which you can choose to stand apart from the rest.

Plush Pile-

These types of carpets have a soft, velvet type appearance and an upright finish that provides it with a formal look. They are also known as velour or velvet carpets. These types of carpets are ideal for use in offices. However, remember that plush pile carpets clearly display the tracking marks caused because of vacuuming and footprints. As a result, they are not recommended for high traffic areas.


Another type of carpet produced by the carpet manufacturers is Saxony. They are known for their rich, smooth look which is somewhat similar to that of the plush pile. However, the major difference between both is the fact that the pile height in saxony carpets is higher and more twisted as compared to plush pile. Like plush pile carpets, they too, display the tracking caused due to vacuuming and footprints.


They are known for their shaggy appearance and are generally recommended for homes due to their less formal appearance. They have a deep texture due to their long piles that lay in different directions. Moreover, the carpet manufacturers can custom design this type of carpet for you with thick or thin as well as short and long pile. They are normally used at hoes, but not that commonly in offices.


Sisal carpets are a slightly different version of loop pile carpets. They have loop piles that are textured are arranged in neat rows. They are available in many different textures and patterns. The height of their loop can vary depending on the textures and patterns.


The carpet manufacturers use thicker piles of loop or creating berber type of carpets. They are generally made in neutral shades, however, accents of different colors are also used to add a twist. They are highly recommended for areas that witness heavy traffic as their hard wearing created with flecks does an excellent job of hiding soil and footprints. Moreover, they can also be made in cut pile.

If you are planning to buy a new carpet or want to replace the existing one, the above mentioned carpet types can be perfect to add a unique character to any room. However, make sure that you consult a professional before you buy them as every carpet cannot be used in any part of house.

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