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Decorative Garden Hose Holder

Decorative Garden Hose Holder

A decorative garden hose holder is a useful way to store, move and use your garden hose without having to deal with unsightly lengths of hose that can trigger careless walking aids or be hacked into lawnmower blades. In addition, a holder with an attractive exterior can add a decorative touch to your garden or patio. If you don’t want a garden hose holder visible, you can choose a holder that completely hides the hose when stored.

Attractive hose reels

Decorative hose reels can have exterior themes that resemble the look of lawn furniture, garden walls, or fences. They can be stationary or mounted on wheels so they can move around your garden or yard. When the hose is retracted into the holder, the reel will blend in well with your other patio or garden furniture.

Take away garden hoses

Moving large garden hoses from one area to another or laying them out in a chosen location can be a huge challenge, especially for new gardeners. When the holder is set up on wheels, it can easily be moved from one place to another. If equipped with a hand crank or a motorized crank, it is much easier to insert the hose and remove it for storage.

Special assembly or hidden sockets

Sometimes a hose reel can be mounted on a wall or deck to keep the hose off the ground and give it ample opportunity to drain completely for storage. This stationary mount is a good choice for a hose that connects to a sprinkler system or a soaking hose. A hidden receptacle is nice too, especially if you have frequent social gatherings in your yard or patio and want it to look like your garden never needs anything as ordinary as watering. A decorative hose holder is an ideal way to have your garden hose on hand without affecting the general appearance of your garden. Indeed, the right holder can make your outdoor space even more attractive. Having a hose reel is also a benefit, which makes storing and using your garden hose so much easier than trying to wind it up by hand. Here are some examples of holders that can make your garden look more beautiful and make your watering tasks easier.

Rewind the garden hose

The plastic hose reel with willow motif from Tough & Go fits on any surface and blends in well. Thanks to its basket look, it matches your dark brown basket seating arrangement and protects the hose from sidewalks. It also features rewind where the device rewinds the tubing on the spindle for you, reducing the struggle with it.

Reel it in, gardener!

The taupe plastic hose reel will work in many environments and with many types of garden structures. It has a hand crank reel for those who want to be sure the tubing doesn’t incorrectly overlap and catch the spool. The feeder is raised so that the hose head does not rest on the ground, which reduces wear.

Place your hose reel against a wall

This roll fits into the wall so you can put extra weight on it. A heavy-duty hose line or objects in the basket above the hose can be easily supported. Completely open to you, you can make sure that your hose assembly is not twisted. So it’s just a jerk to detach from the bracket.

Wall-mounted hose holder

The Catalina wall bracket adds elegance to your garden with its roller design. It comes in four colors and can work with a variety of wall and courtyard themes without conflict. Fifty foot tubing can be used to maintain connected tubing for the large demands of the yard. This is great for keeping your deflated hose all year round.

Wall-mounted hose holder made of cast aluminum

An elaborate hose holder makes every yard a great attraction. The Austin wall mount is available in four designs: brass, bronze, copper and bowl. This way you can choose a complementary color for each part of the yard in which you want the mount. It supports 25 feet of hose raised in a sheltered environment.

Embossed steel tube pot

This steel hose is perfect for any porch that you don’t want to show a hose holder on. It gives it a certain degree of elegance. The drain holes on the bottom ensure that water doesn’t build up in the pot and damage your hose. It can hold a massive 150 feet of hose in its center while staying out of sight.

Aluminum hose holder

This holder does something that many don’t: it raises your water spout line above your plants for you. That way, you can move around while watering and avoid getting your tubing laid between your plants. This holder is great for larger systems and stands 52 inches above the floor. It can be connected to another hose to supply it.

Wall-mounted iron hose holder

The Victorian-style Water in the Garden wall mount brings a great deal of sophistication to any garden. With the brown finish, this wall mount can work for you in many places without conflict. The cast iron body allows an enormous weight and is designed for durability. This bracket has a hose capacity of 100 feet, is protected, and can be mounted on a wall at your preferred height.

Industrial two-wheeled steel hose roller carriage

When mobility is key, the industrial two-wheeled steel hose reel cart has tremendous value. Its gray, heavy metal body allows you to effortlessly move about 300 feet of hose on this cart and still be stowed in a shed when not in use. With the basket mounted under the handrail you can take your supplies with you.

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