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Decorative Wireless Doorbell

Decorative Wireless Doorbell

A decorative wireless doorbell can help ensure that you never miss a visitor or a delivery again thanks to the work in the garage or garden. In addition, a stylish doorbell with a pleasant chime says something about your home and your house. Whether it’s a simple buzzer or the traditional “Big Ben” sequence, a doorbell lets you know when someone is calling – and sends you a message about how you feel at home.

Parts of a doorbell

Doorbells have two main parts: the button that sends a signal and the receiver that triggers the chime. With today’s electronic resources, it is easy to get a receiver that can be programmed to one or more chime options – much like a modern alarm clock. Advanced doorbell systems can include motion detection security features for doors and windows. The button sending the signal and the receiver must have either a wired or wireless connection in order for them to communicate.

Decorative push buttons

The doorbell buttons can range from the well-known simple push button in elongated metal to elaborate designs. If you received a wired model, it is sometimes possible to wire it into a wireless system so you can use a preferred design regardless of the original function. Wireless designs are convenient because they eliminate the need to drag wires across ceilings or walls for the doorbell to work.

The carillon box

Regardless of whether the connection to the push button is made via a cable or via a wireless connection, doorbell systems require a sound generating device. This could be an old fashioned box with physical chimes, or it could be an electronic receiver that can play a preselected selection of several different ringtone selections. It is possible that your doorbell could even play a pre-recorded melody.

Put something together

Doorbells are a combination of a push button or a motion sensor that communicates with a receiver that plays a tone or a series of tones. Both the transmitter and the receiver can be simple or decorative. Part of the fun of finding and installing a doorbell is finding something that reflects you, your personality, and the first impression you want to make on visitors or guests. It can also be a matter of convenience and practicality whether your doorbell is wired or not, or using motion detection. Let’s examine some doorbell buttons, chimes, and systems and see if we can find something for you.

Toasted Sienna doorbell button

Brighten up your outside entrance with a rectangular doorbell button from Charlton. The scrolled edges add textured interest to the toasted sienna metal cover and visually really pop the white button. Modest and reserved, it is still an attractive element for your entrance area. Easy assembly, even for those with modest manual skills, with two Phillips head screws.

Brass gecko door chime button

Here is a happy and charming guy to dress up your front door! The Waterwood Gecko Lizard doorbell is made using a sand casting process. Add that little guy on with easy to assemble screws. The central push button lights up and the entire assembly can be used with a wireless doorbell. Aside from the jokes about insurance sales, this little guy is sure to encourage guests to smile.

Simple wireless doorbell with eight chimes

There’s nothing special to see here, guys, just a simple doorbell ready to do its job. However, once you are tuned to the tone you will enjoy the added benefit of choosing from eight different chimes for your wireless doorbell system. Better still, you can take the receiver with you anywhere within 490 feet of the push button.

Unlit button made of brushed nickel

The simple, unlit door knob made of brushed broan-broan can be part of a set with up to three buttons. With the right wireless setup, you can program each door in your home to have a different ringtone so that you always open the right door on time. No more missing guests or deliveries if you open the wrong door!

Smart video doorbell

The doorbell button looks just like any other but has advanced motion detection, 2-way audio accessible from your smartphone, tablet or PC, and HD video recording within the motion detection zone. Whether you’re avoiding Great Aunt Hepzibah with her white glove on or looking at a potential blind date, the Pro Video Doorbell makes it easy to open the door.

Brass Veda doorbell

A brass Veda doorbell with stylized petals around the central knob is a charming, otherworldly addition to your front door. This offering from Waterwood can make a charming statement about your home before your guests ever step in. Made in India, it is not intended for wireless use but can be connected to a wireless system for your convenience.

Wireless doorbell system

Sado Tech presents a wireless doorbell system with one button and two receivers. The system operates at more than 500 feet. Users can choose from fifty different bell tones, but both receivers must be calibrated for a single tone. Practical uses include stores with a front and back panel or as a warning system for a person tied to a chair or bed.

Not just a doorbell

Here is a DIY Father’s Day project for safety conscious dads. This Honeywell hanging doorbell has three push buttons and can also include motion detection for doors and windows. Smart, contemporary design can simply be hung or placed to fit over existing holes. Battery operated, it continues to work even if the wired transformer fails.

Decorative doorbell made of wood and brass

This contemporary decorative wood and brass doorbell from Carlon, Lamson & Sessions makes a great wall decoration for any home. It works with up to three doorbells, making it a good choice for homes with more than one entrance. The included push button is rather plain, but decorative covers can easily be added. The receiver works at a distance of up to 150 feet.

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