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Shower Bases And Pans

Shower Bases And Pans

First of all, it should be noted that the Keys different between a shower tray and a shower tray. The former is when materials are like tiles or cement applied directly to the floor of the showerThe latter is a one-piece unit built into the shower after construction.

Shower trays come in many different shapes, but are the most easily available Rectangle, square, neo-angle and round.

Your decision here is influenced by personal taste, the location of the sanitary facilities, how much space you need in the shower and how much space you have in the bathroom.

  • Do you want a good all-rounder?

ONE square pan is probably the most versatile option From all. It looks ideal in bathrooms of all sizes. It can be used in conjunction with a variety of different doors, from double-opening doors for easy getting in and out of the shower, to folding doors that work well in smaller spaces.

  • Do you have a smaller bathroom?

Neo-angled and semicircular pans are good for Save space in a small space. Their quartered design means they can fits in the corner. The Neo-Winkel offer a little more space in the room and the round ones a little more space in the shower.

  • Do you have a little more space to work?

Rectangular shells are suitable for use in a bigger bathroom, enter your shower feel more spacious and luxurious. Some of them have a built-in seat that is perfect for relaxing in the shower.

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