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Baseball Room Decor

Baseball Room Decor

Baseball was the legendary American game long before football. It was the Saturday afternoon pastime when families and friends gathered in the local park and cheered on teams made up of various local businesses, churches, or organizations. Little League was the perfect place for boys, then girls, and over the years younger kids have joined T-ball teams. It’s never been a great game for television – these innings are hard to gauge because they depend on “outs”, not a ticking clock. But it was and is a game that encourages cheering on favorites, eating peanuts, popcorn and cotton candy while hanging out with friends and family.

Catch the fly

Catching a ball that makes it into the stands and then signing an autograph is a perfect game for many fans. If you can’t catch the fly, at least get a signed ball. That’s a big difference between baseball and soccer – you will hardly see a soccer ball that makes it into the stands.

Proclaim your love for baseball

Word walls, posters, and pennants are ways to show your loyal fandom or show your enjoyment of the game. A huge word or picture focused on baseball can turn a blank wall into a space for your special posters, cards, and even photos. If you can catch any of you and your favorite players, it is just pure gold.

Comfortable pillows, spreads or carpets

Throw pillows are the perfect way to show off your fandom, and they come in handy with these stadium seats too. You don’t have to sit on a hard bench when you have a nice pillow filled with fiber to cushion your bum. In addition, you can coordinate your room colors with the colors of your favorite team.

Light up your world with baseball

Use baseball-themed wall or table lamps to light up your world. It can be an advertising lamp with a team name or a table lamp with a base shaped like a baseball. Or maybe it’s just the word “baseball” that’s highlighted in lights. Whatever it is, you already know baseball lights up your world – so don’t be afraid to show it. Below are ten examples of baseball-themed decorations. Enjoy.

Single baseball display case

Protect your little bat’s favorite mementos – the signed baseball from your super weekend together. Whether you’re celebrating mom or dad’s special day, celebrating a birthday, or just enjoying the opportunity to get together with your child, a signed baseball is very special. In this case, the special moment remains behind the glass.

Baseball City Square Pillow

A must for every baseball fan. Relax and dream of playing with one or more of these square pillows featuring black silhouettes of baseball players against a red and yellow city skyline. Perfect for your own den or bedroom, or for the baseball fan who overflows your home with balls, bats, gloves and collectible memorabilia.

Baseball word wall

Add an exclamation point and that one word says everything is – BASEBALL! From 7055 Inc., this handcrafted steel word will tell the world what you or a family member or friend think of baseball. The second B in the word resembles two baseball balls. The bold black letters are perfect for decorating a wall of posters, cards and more.

Base ball pitcher wall decoration

Powder coated metal line drawing of a baseball pitcher that curls up to let go. Combine this metal work of art with the word “baseball”, some posters, and maybe even some pennants and baseball cards for an unbeatable fan display. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves baseball, or keep one to yourself.

Illuminated baseball wall decoration

A circle with artistic “baseball” stitching is decorated with lights on the edge and a square of four in the middle. An excellent piece for a club, school gym, or similar area. It can even be used as a night light in the nursery. It is made from 20 gauge steel and is sufficiently durable for almost any venue.

Babe Ruth quote sports decor

Words of encouragement for everyone – not just sports fans. Babe Ruth is shown in silhouette, holding up a bat. The quote says: “Every stroke brings me closer to a home run.” In a world where success is valued, this is a reminder that failed attempts are part of practice and the foundation on which success is built.

Red striped baseball throw pillow

This red striped pillow from One Bella Casa is perfect for your baseball fan’s bed or couch. It has a baseball picture taped against seven red and white stripes. The word “baseball” is woven into the red stripes just below the baseball. The pillow is made of woven polyester and is filled with fiber filling.

Baseball 12 inch table lamp

The base of this small table lamp is shaped like a baseball. Make your baseball fan happy with a light that will do their favorite sport for the last time before they close their eyes at night. Perfect for snuggling up and reading how the greats of baseball found their way to fame and fortune.

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