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3 Christmas Tree Topper

3 Christmas Tree Topper

  • Plastic: Flexible vinyl and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) are commonly used to punch various top shapes and then decorated with a variety of surface materials. Example: A PVC star lid coated with shimmering dust on one side and silver on the other. Molten PVC is also used for blow molding decorative items such as bulbs and bubbles, which are then used as garlands.

Plastic flowers, buds, wreaths and garlands for sorting DIY topper.

  • Paper: Laminated, coated and processed paper, corrugated metal sheets and the like are often used for Christmas tree covers. Example: A perforated 3D star with interior light that sits on a Christmas tree.

Additional tip: Use paper folding art like origami to craft innovative top shapes and forms for your Christmas tree topper.

  • Natural materials. Dry flowers, buds, leaves, and twigs are also innovatively painted or decorated to make different types of toppers.
  • Material: A large selection – from pretty satin polka dots to iridescent artificial silk ribbons – is used to make modern, eye-catching Christmas tree crowns. A good example is the glittering costume of an angel lid.

Whichever topper you choose, it should go well with your Christmas tree and festive decor. For example, for a cotton frosted Christmas tree, choose a mild, white and silver starburst topper. Conversely, if your decor and Christmas tree are vibrant and colorful, choose a multi-colored shimmering star or a fairy with a dazzling costume and a starburst crown. To each his own. The idea is to synchronize the topper, Christmas tree and decor as a single, happy, festive aesthetic experience.

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