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Club Chair Ideas

Club Chair Ideas

There may not be a piece of furniture that means decadence and luxury more than a club chair. Named for their eponymous association with men’s clubs, these comfy seating options have come a long way to become an integral part of a stylish home.

Here are our 3 expert tips to help you choose the perfect club chair for your needs.

How to choose the right size Club Chair?

Club chairs are very comfortable to sit on but take up a lot of space. Originally designed for bulky men in posh clubs, a club chair is much larger than the average armchair.

  • First, measure the available space in your living room. Not only do you want to make sure that every club chair you want to buy fits properly, but you also want to leave enough room. leaving At least a foot from each club chair so it doesn’t look (or feel) tight.
  • Next, take a look at your existing furniture in the living room. Do you already have a sofa set? Make sure you have your club chair does not protrude over the sofaand looked out of place. The same goes for smaller chairs. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same size, but you do try to keep the club chairs at a similar height range.

Which material is best for a club chair?

Club chairs are available in a variety of materials. Each option has advantages and disadvantages. So consider your needs (and your decor theme) before choosing one.


Leather is the “original” material of club chairs and remains the preferred option for most buyers. The reason is simple; There is no match with the tasteful and luxurious appearance of leather. Leather club chairs are therefore your best bet if you are looking for it Restore the “Gentleman Club” look At your home.

At the same time, leather can give something formal mood. It does not go well with a brightly decorated living room as the ideal colors for leather armchairs are a dark black or velvety red.

If you have kids at home, expensive leather is not the way to go for furniture. Spilled drinks and food stains can ruin your club chairs and are not easy to clean on leather.


A leather armchair may come to mind when you think of a club chair, but it’s fabric that steals the show. While leather is great for a formal setting or an “old school” look, fabric is set the tone for a relaxing living room.

Upholstered club chairs are perfect Balance between extravagant comfort and classy style. These club chairs emphasize soft colors and rough textures and are the opposite of traditional leather seats. The overall effect is casual and cozyrather than stiff.

Fabric club chairs are also available Wash out stains more easily, not to mention cheaper to replace. A pair of beige upholstered club chairs are the perfect addition to any living room.


Since these are upholstered club chairs, microfiber should not be mentioned. Microfiber has proven to be a better alternative to regular fabrics in recent years, especially when it comes to furniture upholstery.

Club chairs are no exception to this trend. Microfiber club chairs are suggested as An inexpensive and more durable alternative to leather offers.

The main advantage of microfibers is that they are made from synthetic fibers. That does it dirt-repellent, water-repellentand of course much more durable. In addition, microfiber technology means that it is good at avoiding dust This can also be a problem with conventional fabrics, which have a tendency to build up dust in their fibers.

There is far more color options available If you also opt for microfiber and want to decorate your living room more lively, these club armchairs are the perfect option for you. Even if you just want a pastel-colored club chair that rounds off your relaxed sofa ensemble for a child- (and animal-) friendly home, you can’t go wrong with microfiber.

What types of club chairs are there?

Club chairs look very iconic. A low back that curves into a pair of wide armrests, along with an exaggerated cushioning. While the basic design has stayed the same from the 1980s to the present day, there are a few variations that have evolved over time. Narrow back chairs do without padding for sloping slats, while back rests make leaning back even easier.

  • The heavy leather club chairs that Bond villains recline on are generally considered a “formal” style. Most of time, formal club chairs differ only in the height of the backrest (with high-back chairs being very popular) and color. Since it is leather, the colors tend to be the darker tones that make up these chairs more suitable for rooms with little light (like your bedroom) rather than the living room.

  • The type of club chair that makes a home in most living spaces is this modern style. While some of these chairs are leather, they tend to have a more casual and contemporary feel. A smaller size, a smoother finish with metal legs to complete the look. And since that’s the modern style we’re talking about, it’s these chairs a glossy black with chrome legs.

  • Not everyone likes the functional modern style in their homes, least of all in the living room. For more relaxed feeling, go for casual club chairs. These seats use fabric or microfiber as a material and are available in many different colors. You can even walk crazy prints to choose the playfulness of the room. The best thing about this style is the multitude of options that result from it, from muted colors for a calm atmosphere to textured upholstery for an increased comfort factor.

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